Best Way Clean Shark Steam Mop Pads

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    Ive been thinking about buying a steam mop for my kitchen. Do you have one. What do you think of it?
    They have the Shark steam mop with about 4 pads at Walmart for 9. Im thinking about buying one. Do you know anything about these expensive mops that are supposed to steam clean the kitchen and bathroom.? Whats your opinion? Do they work? I have linoleum floor and I am not overly dirty since Im single. Whats your opinion of these mops?

    • ANSWER:
      My mom has the shark and she loves it! The only complaint she had was that the velcro on the pad tends to stick to other pads when you wash them. To solve this problem she simply bought a few baby sock laundry bags that are a dollar a piece and puts 1 pad in each when she washes them.

      Her floors always look really nice. There is no sticky residue left and her floors actually look newer because she was able to get out all of the left behind dirt that regular mopping tends to leave.

      The Shark is simple and easy to use. And for someone, like my mom who has severe fibromyalgia, who has disabilities and can't use regular mops it's a blessing! She doesn't have to have me come and scrub her floors anymore because she can do it herself now.

    How well do those steam mops really work?
    Does anyone have one and how do you like it? Does it really work?

    We have hardwood floors and some linoleum tile in our bathrooms, kitchen and sunroom. I have been interested in trying one of those steam mops (like the shark steam mop).

    But would like to hear from someone who has used one, instead of trusting the infomercials.

    • ANSWER:
      Steam mops are the new thing in home cleaning, promising an eco-friendly, detergent-free alternative to the traditional mop and bucket. Are these new fangled devices worth the extra dough? Will your floors really shine, or will you still need to break out the soap and water?

      First, it is probably a good idea to understand how these steam mops work. Although there are some differences in the way they operate, many of their features are the same. They are corded units that use electricity to heat water. The base of the mops are covered with reusable, and generally machine washable, pads. By pushing on the handle or pulling on the trigger, steam is released into these pads. These pads, with the help of the steam, pick up dirt as they are passed across flooring surfaces.

      Contrary to popular belief, basic cleaning with steam mops generally will not sanitize flooring surfaces. The mop will not sanitize unless the cleaning pad is left in place for a specified period of time. For example, the Bissell 1867 instructs users to leave the unit in place approximately fifteen seconds to sanitize. It would take a long time to sanitize a small area, such as a foyer, and let's not even discuss how long it would take to do a larger area!

      Also, these machines are not vacuum sweepers. Their design does not allow them to pick up dirt particles. The area must be vacuumed or swept prior to using. Sweeping or vacuuming just prior to use will also eliminate wear and tear on the reusable cleaning pads, as well as prevent scratching of flooring surfaces.

      Steam mops will ruin unsealed hardwood floors. There have also been reports of damage to no-wax surfaces. Contact the manufacturer of your floors to verify if these types of steam cleaners are safe to use on them. It is a good idea to test a small area to verify that it does not have any adverse effects on your floor's finish.

      Steam mops use only water. If you are tempted to mix detergent with the water, don't do it! You risk damaging your cleaner. Although tap water can be used, most manufacturers recommend distilled water if the tap is hard or to prolong the life of the filter.

      Although you will save money by not having to purchase expensive detergents to clean your floors, owning a steam mop is not expense-free. You will need to occasionally replace the cleaning pads, and may need to replace filters and other parts that may wear out from time to time.

      Overall, steam mops are an effective way to clean floors. However, keep your expectations realistic. Old worn out tile will not suddenly look new, and you may be disappointed if you think your grout will suddenly sparkle. However, it will do just as well as a bucket and traditional mop, without the back breaking hassle and time consuming work required by the old-fashioned methods.

    I can't get the pads for my Shark Steam Mop clean?
    I got a Shark Steam mop and also the portable steam pocket for Christmas. After using the pads once I washed them in the laundry and aired dry. They will not come clean. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      They are probably clean...just stained. Try soaking in extra strength white vinegar and rinsing.(.50 a gallon in grocery store). They will still work to clean your floors.

    Has anyone tried the H2O mop or some sort of steam mop?
    I'm looking for an easier way to keep my floors clean and was thinking of a steam mop. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a Eureka Envirosteamer floor mop. I love this mop and have had it for about 10 years. It came with 2 original cleaning pads that can be washed in the washer and reused. It uses tap water and no chemicals. I'm not sure if it is sold anymore, but I recently saw another steam mop by Shark on can also check HSN or QVC.....I have sealed hardwood and ceramic tile in my home and use the steamer on both with no damage to the wood. I am very happy with the steamer and will never use a regular mop again.

    Shark hardwood floor cleaner: Does it really work?
    I'm thinking of buying one of those Shark Steam Cleaners and wondering if they really get the job one well or if it's more work than with just a regular mop? Do you have to rinse out the pad every time or buy a new one? How long before the steam runs out?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a shark steam mop (not a euro pro) and I love it for my hardwood. It does not leave the wood wet like a mop. Drying faster is so much better for the flooring. I can clean two large rooms or so on one fill up. You only change the pad when dirty. When you change the pad (it comes with 4 or 5 pads) you just throw it in the wash and launder it. It is less work than anything I have used. Much nicer than anything I used. I don't mind washing my floors whenever they need it. I use it on tiles too and it works well. You have to use it slowly to clean well, but keeps my floors clean and I have a dog that runs in and out in all weather. I bought one for my daughter and she likes it too. The best thing is that I do not have to buy any chemical cleaners...I am just using for children and animals.

    Can anyone help me find the best steam mop?
    So far I have heard mixed reviews on the Shark. I'm looking at Bissell, Hann or maybe Eureka Envirosteamer.
    I would like a low maintenance mop. I don't want to have to buy special water or filters that are pricey. Replacing pad are ok but I'd rather just wash them and reuse. I want to use it on carpet, linoleum, bath room tile,and my bed. Does anyone have an idea on a really great steam mop?

    • ANSWER:

      I have been paying for carpeting cleaning the past two years! I have three wonderful dogs that unfortunately have left many pee stains on my light colored carpet. I have the carpet cleaners come out and they lift out some of it and for a short time the carpet looks better. I chose the natural route for cleaning because I don't like chemicals or anything that will attract more dirt. I used vinegar, baking soda, drops of lemon oil and very hot water and it works great. You have to let it dry and repeat in problem areas but overall it works great and I wish I had bought this a long time ago! Have patience and repeat in those problem spots and you'll be surprised at how well this works. It's very easy to use and we even steam vac'd our truck and it smells so clean and new again!

    Can I use cleaning solutions with the Shark steam mop?

    I recently got my shark steam mop. It seems like it does a great job on hardwood floors, but not on my kitchen floor. i won't get the really sticky stuff off. I tried to get it off and it just spread it around the whole room. Can I use any cleaning solutions with the Shark mop? And if so, how? Because then it seems like it would steam and use chemicals which sounds great.

    Thanks so much!!

    • ANSWER:
      DO NOT put anything other than clean, clear water, preferably distilled water, in any steam cleaner. Chemicals can become noxious, toxic, and explosive when super heated (internal boiler temperatures can reach upwards of 250 degrees!). Further, chemicals can damage the boiler and internal parts of your steam cleaner.

      You don't say what your kitchen floor covering is, my suspicion is that it's vinyl. If that's the case, then the steam mop is probably melting and removing the finished surface from the floor, leaving behind a stickiness. If you look at the floor after it has dried, you're probably going to see mop marks and a very dull finish. If this is the case, immediately stop using the steam mop on the floor or you'll further damage it. Light surface damage can be buffed out with a dry automotive detailing buffer pad/machine. Heavy damage may require applying and maintaining a wax finish or replacement of the vinyl.

      How do I know this? I've had more than one steam mop melt the surface of my vinyl floor. For this reason, I don't use steam equipment on vinyl and either wet mop with a standard mop or by hand.

    how effective is the shark steam mop?
    I have a horrible floor. I don't know what its called but I think it is outdoor tile; it has so many bumps and crevices. I don't think that mopping with a regular mop is taking out the dirt. I need help with this floor issue. Thanks in advance for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      Sound like you have travertine tile.

      Choose a soap specially formulated for cleaning stone or a neutral pH cleanser. Don't use acidic products like vinegar or abrasive cleansers or pads.

      Mix the cleaner in a clean bucket with water according to manufacturer's directions.

      Dip a microfiber flat mop into the bucket. Wring it out well before applying. Mop the floor with full, even swipes.

      Rinse out the mop. Wet it thoroughly with clean water. Wring it out. Go over the area with the wet mop.

      Move a dry dust mop over the floor to dry it. Blot up any remaining water with a clean towel.

      Wipe down travertine tile walls with a clean, soft cloth dipped in a cleanser and water solution. Rinse with a damp cloth that is free of cleaners. Remove all moisture from the with a dry cloth.

      The above is what eHow recommends.

      I suggest that initially you will have to do it the old fashioned way. Get down on your hands and knees with a scrub brush. (You can find them at your grocery store) You may have to do this every six months, and in between keep your floors as clean as possible, don't go too long between mopping. Wipe up spills thoroughly, not just with a paper towel, but with a wet floor solution that gets the residue off.

      It will also help to not wear shoes in the house.

    Where can you buy a good reusable mop?
    We are getting rid of ALL the carpet in the house we are getting ready to move in to, and we are laying down tile flooring. I am wanting to buy a new mop like a Swiffer, but will only buy one with reusable cleaning pads and a fill-it-with-your-own-cleaning-solution bottle. I know they make them because several months back I saw one on a TV commercial. However, I am having trouble finding one in any of our local stores. What exactly are they called? And which stores sell them?

    • ANSWER:
      Forget about chemical mops like Swifter, they leave behind a toxic residue that is unsafe for children and pets. You will get far better results from a steam mop like the one from Shark or the Oreck Steam It, better yet would be a general household steam cleaner such as the SteamFast SF275
      because it not only has a floor head for steam mopping the floor, it has cleaning brushes for deep cleaning grout, something you're really going to need with a tile floor.

      Side note, to make sure your new tile stays looking brand new, have the grout sealed well prior to use. This will prevent dirt and grime from penetrating into the grout. If you're using an unglazed tile, then you'll want the entire floor sealed once it's laid.

    What can I use to get rid of the dog pee smell?
    I normally use Murphys oil soap with a string mop and hot water, but I find this only spreads the smell around. What type of mop and cleaner should I use instead? (I am pregnant so it can't be anything harsh). We have to mop our floors every 1-2 weeks -- we have an old chihuahua whose need to go outside is far more than we can keep up with.

    • ANSWER:
      the best best best best thing i ever got was a shark! Its a steam cleaner. Will clean the floors only using super heated water. so safe for the dog, kids and you! Its about 100 bucks but it has reusable pads and tons of attachments. and it cleans everything!!! Honestly ive blasted crayon marks off the wall. Gum stuck to the coffee table, sticker marks.. even paint off the walls when i left it on too long lol. Heres a link that i hope helps! I HIGHLY recommend it! Theres several models.Just make sure its shark brand!

    What do you think of the new Shark Pocket steamer?
    Considering purchasing this as I have the pocket mop by Shark and like it very much. If anyone has experience with the hand-held steamer/ cleaner, please share here. I'd like a general consensus on the quality and effectiveness before I plunk down another 0.. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I absolutely LOVE my steam pocket. My house has no carpet, is all white tile. This product absolutly changed my life. I tried every other method and was so frustrated the kids and dogs would hide every time I did the floor. Plus, they were never clean. The Floor Mate cleaned well, but was so big and bulky I couldn't clean much area. I would end up bashing into the furniture in frustration.
      This pocket steamer is worth every penny. I get my entire house CLEAN with only using two of the extra large pads.
      I love it, love it, love it.
      I am going to invest in the steamer they have for cleaning above ground next. Shark has turned cleaning into a fun thing to do.
      Plus you have 60 days to try it. Easy hassle free return. if you buy at Bed Bath and Beyond yu could return it to the store. I don't think you will, though.

    Has anyone used these new steam cleaners?
    I saw the infomercial on a Shark portable household cleaner, and my friend saw one on the Haan version. Was wondering if anyone has gotten to try these yet and if they actually work? Tried looking for reviews but it seems no one has reviewed it yet. The infomercial makes them looks great, but well I am a weary one of infomercials lol.

    • ANSWER:
      I've had one of the Shark steamers for about 18 months and I do like it. The model I have is not the one on the infomercial. Personally, I think that one is too small to have much steam generating power and it only has like 20-25 minutes of cleaning power with a little bitty stream of steam.

      I got the one that looks like a small canister sweeper; the steam unit is on two wheels and it has a long hose that the attachments fit on. I thought it would be much more versatile and useful than just the plain mop type and it's only a little more money. I get nearly an hour of steam time and a good healthy stream of steam too! It actually has enough pressure to blast the dirt out of places you can't get to!

      I use it to clean my gas grill, counters, cupboards, walls, trim, windows, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, tile and vinyl floors, finished hardwood and just about anything else I can think of! It sure beats lugging that nasty bucket of scrub water around!

      To get the best results you must pair a steamer with the microfiber cloths. These cloths wipe and absorb more than any rag, sponge, towel ever thought of! I get mine at Sam's Club where a bundle of 24 is less than . When they get dirty you toss them in the washer and dryer (no fabric softener!).

      Cleaning with steam is different. You have to learn to let the steam do the work. We're so used to having to scrub that it's a hard habit to break! Let the steam penetrate the dirt and you can easily wipe it away.

      And I have used my steamer for a couple other things. I have used it to strip wallpaper in no time and to defrost a freezer. I put the hose from my Bissell carpet shampoo machine in the bottom of the freezer to suck up the water and started melting the ice with the steamer. I was done in less than 45 minutes and that included putting the stuff back in the freezer!

      And I don't buy very many chemical cleaners any more because I use the steamer. And since I started using the microfiber cloths, I rarely buy paper towels. I use them with the steamer, dry as a duster, as a dish cloth too! If you get into something really tough, one of those sponges with the scrub pad on certainly helps loosen the stuff up quicker.

    how effective is the h2o mop?
    how often do you need to change the pad? how long does it take to clean the floors in the house? does wood floors get damaged? any suggestions on better steam mops? are you a house keeper?

    thanks for all the help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Do not use steam mop on wood floors, it causes swelling and discoloration.
      I take it this thing is like a warmed up version of the swiffer wet jet. One word...crap!
      I myself have a shark steamer with the floor attachment which works perfectly for my vinyl and tile floors. The microfiber cloth is capable of doing a large area without being changed. You will save $$ by not having to buy the pads for a steam mop and microfiber is washable and capable of trapping more germs and bacteria.
      Hope that helps.

    What's the best thing to clean hardwood floors with?!!?
    I have a Shark, and love the fact that there are no chemicals and the steam kills 99.9% of the germs, but it leaves a film and the print of the pad I use in the film!! I'm getting sick of seeing this everytime I clean the floors. I have heard that you should not use swiffers or any type of chemical on hardwood because overtime it can leave a film... BUT I am wanting my floors clean and just need to know a safe, effective product that will work! Any suggestions?!

    • ANSWER:
      I have to admit that I am surprised that your Shark leaves a film - I didn't think that they did that!

      You can try this...

      1. Add 1 cup of vinegar to a pail of hot water. Mop with only a minimal amount of water, and buff dry with a soft towel if desired. Too much water can damage the wood. A high quality microfiber mop will keep the water to a minimum, and clean thoroughly.

      Or a microfiber mop with just water. Used properly, it doesn;t leave any more water than a steamer.

    Is the Shark Steam Mop a good investment? If no, what is something comparable?

    Well, what elese would you suggest scamper?

    • ANSWER:
      A steamer is good idea for chemical free sanitization. Shark is a reputable company. However, steam is steam is steam is steam. I am highly skeptical that this high ticket item is realistically priced. Shark offers these clumsy pads and suggests that you clean in one step. That is not reality. You will ALWAYS have to remove gross matter before you steam. Why? Because if you steam a heap of vomit you will get a lovely cloud of vomit vapour and puddle of vomit soup. Steaming comes in only after gross material is removed. So, therefore, why do you need fancy pads to be attached to the steamer? Just wondering.

    Which steam mop shoud I get that actually works?
    I am looking for a steam mop that actually works. I have different types of flooring such as laminate,linoleum, and carpet throughout my house. I also want to have a steam mop that has attachments to clean other surface areas as well. Price really isn't an object...I just want something that works! I also want to know how you like your steam mop if you own one, or if you know someone that likes theirs. Thanks for all you help! :)

    • ANSWER:
      I had 3 different brand steam mops in the past & I now got my fave--
      Shark steam mop.
      The one I got has a triangle head--comes with 2 or 3 pockets--& a rectangular head--comes with 3 regular pockets & a "dusting" pocket which I use for questionable floors, like wood floors that don't have a good finish.
      It also comes with a carpet steamer attachment.
      The one thing I have to warn you about it the type of water to use. We have well water w/water softener & I was using that on my other 2 & they broke b/c of the build-up from the water. So only use bottled water if you are on well-water.
      The only problem I see with the Shark is that the covers are 'pockets', not the pads, so unless you can sew, you have to buy more covers when the others get worn down.
      I recommend hang-drying the pockets to make them last longer.

    I'm trying to find out about the monster 1200, shark steamer, or H2o steam cleaner. Anyone tried one?
    My cousin has tried the shark floor steamer, says it left a residue when done. She's returning hers. Like anyone I'm just looking for something that will clean more effectively than a mop, sponges or wipes.

    • ANSWER:
      I'e had an envio steamer for years and love it. I don't see how steam would leave residue unless she has something on the pads or floor that is not coming up.

      A steamer works great and there is one on tv that you put stuff in the water to disinfect more. I dont' think thats necessary. The pupose is to get a basic clean. If there is residue maybe change the pads several times during the first few cleanings.... ?

      WE have tile... mine is not great on grout but we can bleach that out every so often with mop job.

    Has anyone tried the Shark Steam mop?
    Did you like it?

    • ANSWER:
      OK, here's some feedback from a one month user. Knowing full well how infomercials go, I still thought that this product was somewhat of an innovation in hard surface floor cleaning. I also knew that I would be basically dealing with a steam iron on a stick. Kinda like a Swiffer on steroids. Please understand that I use this product on an off-white, vinyl, kitchen floor (the bane of my existence). I live in a two adult person home with no children or pets. Does it work? Yes, the basic idea is functional and the product does a pretty good job of loosening surface dirt. It's quick, easy to use, and you don't have to haul out the mop and bucket. In addition, unlike the Swiffer, there's no dirt-magnet, cleaning product residue left on the floor. Are there some issues? Yes. The handle is a bit flimsy. Like the Swiffer, as you push forward (releasing steam) and then pull back on the mop, you'll see a line of dirt/residue left on the floor. Well, this isn't a vacuum. I just continue to push on the mop, accumulate the residue lines into one line, and wipe up the consolidated residue line when I'm done. After all, we're essentially just pushing surface dirt around here! And, the first thing I did was to seek alternatives to the rather expensive "miracle cloth" pads. So far, I've tried cutting, doubling and stitching together an old towel, sewing on loop-sided Velcro (to align with the barb-sided Velcro-like plastic on the product). It worked OK, BUT no cigar! The next attempt proved more effective. I purchased some cheaper "miracle cloths" and used the mop to push one around. No need for the Velcro. The miracle cloth sticks to the mop bottom! I'm still experimenting. Is the product too expensive? Well, for a steam iron on a stick, maybe. But, as it usually goes, I'm sure we'll see this product come down in price. If you buy these much hyped products early, you are basically rewarding an idea and trying something different. Am I satisfied? I must be. I just bought one for my daughter! Hope this provides you with some perspective on the product.

    Do you own these items and what do you think of them?
    A Scrubbin Bubbles automatic shower cleaner? The kind that hangs in your shower and automatically cleans your shower?

    A steam mop?

    A battery operated handheld vacuum?

    If you truly LOVE your item, will you add a link to yours?

    • ANSWER:
      A Scrubbin Bubbles automatic shower cleaner? The kind that hangs in your shower and automatically cleans your shower?

      Don't own one, the cats like to play in the tub and occasionally will drink from the dripping faucet.

      A steam mop?

      Yes, I have the Shark and it works well but it's not as great as they make it out on TV. The steam isn't as super-hot as they would like you to believe (after having to go through the pad and all). But it still does a nice job of cleaning floors without any of the mess and smell of disinfectant.

      A battery operated handheld vacuum?

      Don't have one, I use the Swiffer sweeper (type thing) or a regular broom or vacuum.

    Which electric stream mop is worth in buying?

    I'm looking for the electric power mop. Have read some of the consumer pages and found different brands, its literally confusing which one to get. Looking for the light weight electric power steam mop around 0 to 50 $ value. Kindly suggest me the best one to mop the tile flooring with or without 220 volts...
    Is there is any other electric steam mop available in the market. Suggestions are welcome. I can even go beyond 50$ value, in case of suggesting me the best one..

    • ANSWER:
      Shark Deluxe Steam Mop, S3202 obliterates tough grime and stubborn dirt on tile, linoleum and vinyl floors. Lightweight, ergonomically designed and easy to use, it's ready to get to work in only 30-seconds, letting you clean your floors without rinsing, wringing or carrying around heavy buckets of water. Powerful steam is released as you push the steamer forward, leaving floors clean and virtually dry with no chemical residues. Steam mop includes five machine washable, triple-action micro-fiber cleaning pads and a carpet glider for freshening up sections of your rug. The 25-feet power cord makes it easier to go from room to room.

    Best Steam mop in terms of durability and effective cleaning?

    • ANSWER:
      Shark Steam mop is the one I have. The pads are actually a hassle. A) SweepJet sprays so little with 4 presses. B) Pads are usually and the refills are . C) Shark Steam POCKET mop is water only (but you could add chemicals). The only problem is washing it in the washing machine. Use bleach for that.

    I am looking for a steam cleaner that I saw an infomercial on jsut is handheld, kinda like a dust b?

    Sorry, first time asking a question on here. I didnt realize it would cut me off. It is handheld, kind of looks like a dust buster with a giant cloth wedge where the steam come out. The cloth thing looks kinda like a giant cheese wedge...

    • ANSWER:
      I like the idea of a steam cleaner as a form of disinfecting but that Shark Steam Cleaner being advertised with the big pads has limitations.

      First of all, you need to keep changing the pads if you are cleaning up a mess. Therefore you will always find that you need to do an initial cleaning with a regular mop to remove the gross matter. This is not a criticism. That is a fact. The gross matter has to be collected first and then the area can be sanitized. For example, if there is a puddle of sour milk that you want to clear then you need to scrape up the milk with a paper towel or something first. If you put the steam cleaner onto it you will get a vapour cloud of sour stinky milk vapour that will settle on other surfaces including your throat and lungs. Yech. I do not want to inhale a soup of bacteria! First you need to clean with a regualar rag or mop and then go on to the steam cleaner for sanitization. At that point the steam cleaner is an excellent alternative to a chemical like lysol spray or ammonia which can be troubling to those you are sensitive.

      Those large pads demonstrated by Shark look awkward and unrealistic. You cannot get into corners and around pipes with them.

      The best tool for cleaning is the classic twist mop made of string or cloth strips. The small head of the mop does not jam up against corners and can slip into narrow channels like the space between the fridge and the wall. The cloth or string fingers spread out to fill the space that the mop reaches to and the swirling action collects debris. The twist in the pail is easier that bending down and squeezing out a sponge or changing a pad. The mop cleans itself and recleans itself in the pail of water.

      A steam cleaner is a good idea but get one that can reach into corners and narrow places.

    Which is better? The Shark Steam Mop or the Haan?
    I am going to be buying either a Shark Steam Mop, or a Haan. I have not decided which yet so I would like to know which one you think is better and why.

    I will be using it to clean, Wood, linolium, and tile. I have not decided it I would use the carpet tray, but the option would be nice.

    • ANSWER:
      Steam mop is good for cleaning ceramics tile. Wood, non-wax and linoleum you have to be careful not to get that white ring problem when setting these steamer mops to high over 1,000 watts. Even lower settings still cause this problem if you forget and leave the mop in one place to long. Wood floors might loose their shine if you use any Pledge wood shine products will be completely removed.

      On non-wax tile or linoleum well get cleaned it might not remove deep dark black marks that you can't even rub out. Just to let you know. Shark Steam Mop is popular and most of the other brands two. Bissell has one also. I have Haan it does clean but how long is shorter than you think. I fill it to the max with water beyond that little measuring cup they give you.

      They all clean with steam. But steam has it limits and those pads for them get dirty to quickly. They have to be replaced (put into the washer at hot water wash cycle) or else you end up with dirty smears on your floor. You'll need more than one or 4 of those pads to clean a 9x12 kitchen floor if it's really dirty. Pet stains (pee, poo and vomit) I won't use steam to clean that up as the pads can only pick up so much stuff.

      Haan would be better as described above is my findings with it. the Shark Steam Mop works but not build the same way as the Euro Haan is made for steam and it does get very hot quick.

    does anyone have the new type steam mop, which brand is best ?

    • ANSWER:
      Mine is very similar to the Shark, honestly, I think it is the same manufacturer. I absolutely love it and could never live without it. My floors have never been so clean (just check the bottoms of all of my childrens' WHITE socks!) It has turned the huge chore of mopping into something that is so easy and effortless. I can spot-mop for easy cleanups on spills with no hassle. Mopping was always so cumbersome since the floors took so long to, my floors are dry to walk on within one minute of mopping. I love that there are no chemicals and it sanitizes the floor with the steam.

      I have heard mixed reviews on the "h2o mop", as people have said that the pad gets wet very quickly. With mine, the pad never gets too wet, you toss the pads in the washer and reuse them. Mine came with 4 pads rather than the Shark's 2, and mine steams all the time rather than just when pushing forward with the Shark, however the pads and fill cup are identical, so I think they likely come from the same place. I LOVE my floor steamer. I just have not found it easily online in the US to provide a link (it is mostly in the UK, although I bought mine in the US).

      I had the FloorMate before and it was almost as cumbersome as mopping, as it left the floors wet and was so laborious with the emptying and refilling of the tanks.

    can anyone recommend a steam mop?
    does anyone own a steam mop? I'm wondering if its worth the to get one and if anyone can recommend a brand/model? I've seen them by shark and other companies. I've seen them at the fairs too. Our house has alot of linoleum in it.

    • ANSWER:
      I will offer an alternative to a steam mop just in case you are not set on one. I bought a Bissell Flip Ease and I really like it. It's cordless and vacuums my entire 1300 sq ft. of tile downstairs without loosing power and then you flip it over and it mops. The only thing though is that I recommend you put on a clean pad before you mop because it gets dirty when you vacuum. Another good thing is that the pads are thick and washable instead of having to buy the disposable ones like you have to with the Swiffer products.

    Have you used a steam mop? Do you suggest it?
    My tile floor in the kitchen always seems dirty, even after I mop it or wipe it down. Have you tried a steam mop? I have seen the Shark at Target. What do you suggest? I have to mop my floor every couple of days because I have kids and I can't stand a dirty kitchen floor, and the kids really get it dirty.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes!! I bought a Bissell Steam Mop over the summer, and absolutely love it! Just remember to buy extra pads and change them often to prevent streaking. I will never go back to the old mop and bucket routine again. So easy. Just fill the water tank, plug it in and go.
      I have ceramic tile, and it is a breeze. And my floors look cleaner now.
      I would recommend looking on amazon reviews at different kinds of steam mops before buying. I researched alot before going with the Bissell brand.

    haan steam mop or the shark steam mop?
    which is better haan steam mop or shark steam mop?

    • ANSWER:
      Haan steam mop is my choice. I love the self cleaning pads that you can just throw in the washer and it does a great job on floors which is my priority. The Shark can do a few more things but if you are looking for chemical-free cleaning of your floors - the Haan steam mop is the way to go. I purchased mine at and used this coupon code ACRSAVEFIVE to save 5% on my purchase. They also provide free shipping on the Haan steam mops

    Steam Mops. H20 vs. Kenwood. Do you have one and which one is better?
    I want to buy a steam mop, i would like to know the pros and cons on them. I have a small baby who will start crawling soon so i want to have my floor clean and want an easy way to do it. I have heard good things about both the Kenwood and H20. I also have wooden floor boards and tiles in my home.

    • ANSWER:
      I had an H2O and hated it. I didn't feel like my floors got clean and then the durn thing
      broke, and wouldn't heat up any more. 2 friends have the Shark, with purple pads (?) and
      they both love it. They both got theirs at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon.
      One gal lives in VA and the other in GA.

      I'm tempted. I have a hand held steamer that I love. "Omega" brand I bought it from HSN
      in 2004.

      HTH and good luck!

    Shark Steam Mop Pads Cleaning?
    i just moved in my house and u i used the steam mop for bathroom..that was like 6 days you think i should wash the pads or throw some out..and if i do wash them can i wash with cold water with some detergent and a lil white distilled vinegar or bleach..or do they work best in hot water for cleaning

    thx so much>>

    • ANSWER:
      the instructions that came with the machine should completely cover this issue. look up your manual for suggestions on best cleaning methods.

    Shark Steam Mop? Any good?
    I am thinking of getting the Shark Steam mop. Anyone have any good or bad things to say about it? Lets hear it!

    • ANSWER:
      My mom just got one! Its pretty awesome, really does work in 30 seconds but depending on your water source it can leave your floors looking streaky so we have started using bottled water in it. Also the pads are kind of a pain to clean, no more so than a regular mop though.

    Steam mop?
    I am probably the only wierdo in the world who loves cleaning my house, but there is one task I HATE. Mopping! Have any of you tried the steam mops? If so what kind did you try and was it worth the money.
    If you don't have a steam mop, maybe you just have a tip to make regular mopping easier. I really appreciate it!

    • ANSWER:
      The steam mop that Shark makes works really well. The pads are washable, and it's really lightweight. It's like 0.00 but it's worth it.

    Should I purchase the SHARK DOUBLE SIDED STEAM MOP?!?
    I have a two year old and one on the way(currently 11 weeks) and I thought it was probably smarter to get one of these other than using harsh chemicals and a mop that can't always get the chemicals off the floor, I have all ceramic tile floors and I thought this would be perfect, would anyone else consider buying this, or has anyone else bought this?? I am looking into getting the one that has double sides, comes with the triangle attatchment for corners and also the purple duster like pad. Should I buy it?!

    • ANSWER:
      I purchased the shark steam pocket mop about 3 weeks ago for around a hundred bucks. I am reasonably satisfied with it. You need to put a good bit of muscle into it when mopping for it to clean well. But boy it does work well. Does not leave puddles of water behind as I read about other models doing. It does get really hot and cleans stubborn sticky spills with ease. Its super easy to operate and you can use it for about 15 to 20 min. before it needs more water. When I was deciding which steam mop to buy I read a lot of reviews and I almost bought the eureka steam mop but the shark just looked sturdier and I read that while the eureka product worked well the pads fell apart when washed. I like the thick cloth pads on the shark and they wash fine. oh and you get 4 pads- 2 rectangular and 2 triangular. I have not used the duster attachment yet. My floors get shinier with the steam mop. The cons are few. I don't like the velcro closure on the pad it started peeling apart though it did not come all the way apart while I was using it today. And honestly the product could be a little sturdier. I can see how easy it would be to break if not dealt with carefully. But it did appear to be the sturdiest steam mop in its class. Bottom line I don't think you can go wrong with the shark.

    What steam cleaner/mop should I buy?
    I previously had a shark steam mop and I would buy it again if the handle wasn't so flimsy... which is why I'm in the market for another one.

    I am looking for one around 0 or less with a minimum 30 day guarantee in case something goes wrong or it is just not what I expected.

    1)I know I want something to steam my floors and help get up the sticky food and stuff dried on. I understand if I have to scrub with the mop still but with the shark it was still easier than traditional mopping and hands and knees scrubbing.
    2) I want reusable pads and no chemicals cleaning.
    3) A big plus would be if i could find something that could do carpets, upholstery, mattresses, and basically anything.
    4) Hoping that whatever I buy this time will clean right up to the baseboards and in corners unlike the shark.

    If I think of more I will add it but that's basically what I want... I would love to get the same quick dry time like the shark but if I find something with superior cleaning I can deal with longer drying times.

    By the way please don't recommend swiffer or cheap mops with disposable pads because they just aren't what I'm looking for.
    I am finding that I need a canister type steamer to get the cleaning power I want so any suggestions on which one of those kinds to research would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend the Hoover Floormate. If you buy it from a store like JCPenney's, returning it would not be a problem.
      QVC and HSN (the home shopping channels and websites) have several steam mop options available and a 30 day no-questions-asked guarantee.
      I have the H2O mop and it works well, but I like the Hoover Floormate better. My friend has the Hoover and it's a little heavier than mine and seems easier to control. I also like the Hoover brand for floor care products.
      Most stores will allow returns if you save the receipt and original packing material and return within a reasonable amount of time. Good luck.

    Does anyone like the shark steam pocket mop?
    I bought the shark steam pocket mop yesterday, I used it once at my parents house last night, just to mess with it for a few minutes, and honestly it didn't look like much had been cleaned. Today using it at my house I noticed that the pad got very dirty, so it must be cleaning. But again, the floors didn't look any cleaner and on top of that everything that I used it on was kinda streaky or seemed to have a film of something on it. I'm almost wanting to get on my other mop just to go over it because it's driving me crazy!

    Has anyone else used this mop and got the same effects? It was a toss up between this mop and the little yellow bissell steam mop.

    • ANSWER:
      In my opinion the various steam products that seem to be on all the infomercials these day are all pieces of junk. The don't produce enough steam, or for long enough, and are shoddily made.

      The concept of using steam is good though - look up 'vapor cleaners' online and you can find some decent products. They will cost more, but will do a better job:

      I don't know what is going on with your specific floor - maybe the mop isn't picking up much, and the streaks are from it pushing the dirt and old floor wax around. Be sure to sweep or vacuum the floor before using those mops, otherwise they will just snow plow the larger dirts around your floor.

    Has anyone used the Shark Steam Pocket Mop? If so, how do you like it?

    • ANSWER:
      I have one. It works fine on vinyl floors. Just be careful on hardwoods. Every time you push it, it will steam. I made a mark on my hardwood floor by stopping for a second to pick up something. From now on, I keep a plastic step stool along side of me, If I want to sit it down for a second, I sit it on the step stool. They do clean very well. Not sure I would trust them on laminate floors, the directions say it is safe, but the seams in those are not sealed with poly. So I would be very careful in using it on that type of floor. Otherwise, it cleans very well. To clean the pads, I spray them first with a prewash and just wash them in the washer. They wash up nicely.

    Which steamer cleans grout?
    I have some dirty grout in my tile in the bathroom and kitchen. I am wondering if I should invest in a Shark type steam mop (my regular spray mop with washable pads isn't getting the grout clean) OR a Shark type/Bissell type steam cleaner thats like the Scunci steamer?

    • ANSWER:
      any steam cleaner will clean the grout even if you used a steam wallpaper stripper just remove the pad or use the small pad that comes with the machine and wipe with a clean cloth
      or just use a bleach and water mix wipe or spray on leave a few Min's then wash off

    What is a good vacuume?
    I have all wood floors except in the kitchen and bathrooms in which I have tile. I would like a vacuume that has attatchments that I can use on the couch and even on my bed. I want it to be powerful but not harm my floors. I like all the great stuff the kirby vacuume does but don't want to spend 2399 on a vacuume.

    • ANSWER:
      Oooo ! i HIGHLY suggest the H2O vacuum.. the 'as seen on tv' ones.. you can purchase them on the website, or in a store (i got mine at a 'as seen on tv' store, but have seen them in other stores as well)

      its is incredible ! not only does it filter your air as you vacuum (takes out 99 % of the dust or something crazy high like that) but it also has power levels for the suction.. 4 different levels i believe..

      it comes with quite a few attachements, 6 or so i think it was, even a squeege type for liquids.. and the regular vacuum attachement for the floors is really soft like, i had tile and hardwood in my last house, no carpet whatsoever, and i LOVED it on the floors !

      i also used it for cleaning my mattess.. did it every month and it was DISGUSTING the stuff it picked up in my mattress (i even use the mattress pad too !)

      plus its really easy, no running to the store for vacuum bags, you just pull out the water bin, and drain it.. nothin to it..

      AND.. seen as you have all hardwood and tile, i HIGHLY suggest you get one of those shark steam mops.. also as seen on tv.. i just got one and its amazing.. just water.. and sanitized floors.. no more rinsing mops and grind left behind.. plus all the floor pads are machine washable :)

      and if you CANT find a H2O vac, i also use just the shark vacuum, i dont love it as much as my H2O, but its a powerful little vac that glides right from carpet to hard floors and its very affordable.. maybe about 0..

    I want to buy this, should I? Please Help!!!?
    So, I'm thinking about buying the Bissell Steam Mop or the Shark Steam Mop. I want to know which one works best. Are they actually worth buying. Im going to use them to clean my kitchen like if something spills i don't want to have to pull out the mop and everything that comes with it. I know that it's not meant for cleaning the whole house. Also, I wanted to know how long do the replacement pockets last... Please I really need help.

    Thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest Shark Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop, S3501

      this product and it performs really well I would definitely suggest

      Shark Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop, S3501
      *Lightweight steam mop for cleaning sealed hard-floor surfaces
      *Ready in 30 seconds; releases steam with push-forward motion of mopping
      *Includes 2 shapes of mop heads and 4 reusable microfiber cleaning pads
      *Carpet glider attachment enables you to lightly steam your carpet and area rugs for deodorizing and freshening
      *Measures 7 by 13 by 51-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

      Also check out at Ebay there are really good deals going

    Best Steam mop? Bissell, Shark, Hann?
    I need to know which one is overall the best one to use! I know about the shark and the hann but the hann is a little pricey compareable but then now the bissell deluxe mop is in the ocmpetition so now where do i go from here? aside form the price, which one overall is the best working one?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a it...I have the carpet glider thing, but I have no carpets in my house. I don't imagine it would would too good (a carpet cleaner would be best I believe), but it works really well on floors as long as you move it slowly, and change the pad not add fabric softener when washing the pads..the softener (or fabric sheets) will leave streaks on the floor when used and will not absorb/clean as well.

    Moms, tell me your cleaning secrets?
    What are your favorite cleaners? What is your favorite mop?

    I have yet to find a great shower cleaner. We have well water that has a lot of iron in it, which in turn ..leaves orange marks in the shower if I go too long between cleanings (happening more & more lately.. we'd rather be outside having fun than inside cleaning)!

    And I still have not found a mop that actually cleans the floor the way that it should be cleaned.

    Anyone have a shark mop? What do you think about it? (:

    • ANSWER:
      I *love* lavender Fabulouso. The second I smell it I just have to clean something....I almost want to eat it, lmao.
      I usually use a flat mop with a washable pad to do my floors...but I have borrowed a Shark before to use. I didn't personally care for it. It was cool watching it steam, but there was something about the floor not actually getting "wet" that made me feel like it wasn't being washed. That might just be me being quirky, though :)

    My husband has always wanted a shark stem cleaner we have heard that they are the best cleaners since they do not use harsh chemicals. However the other night we saw a infomercial with a steam cleaner and is had a special solution and it said that along with the steam the solution will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also stated that other stem cleaners lie and that stem alone cannot kill all the germs and bacteria. I know that infomercials can lie just because they want to sell their products but you never know so can someone help me out hear? I would hate to spend all that money on a cleaner is it doesn't even work.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I don't know about the germ killing aspects of the thing, but I bought a Shark steam mop and it came with a little Shark steam cleaner. And it may not get hot enough to kill all the germs, but it sure leaves a lot of clean in its wake! I use it to clean my living room and dining room windows, from the storms to the actual original windows on my 1930 brick craftsman house. The windows came CLEAN like no other time I have washed them in the 9 years I have owned it, and certainly never this clean before. The light that comes through now, is streak free, clear and really nice. Made the windows look so great, EVERYONE was commenting about how different they looked! Did I change the drapes? Nope! Did I add something new? Nope! Just simply cleaned them with the steam cleaner. It got all kinds of grunge off the windows and the sills, that I didn't even know was there. It doesn't work quite like they show you on TV, but still, when you see the clean, you don't really care if they puffed a bit! I have wood floors in the dining room, living room, stairs, hallway and bedrooms. The kitchen and butlers pantry have linoleum floors. It breezes through them with no cleaners, although once in a while, because I have dogs and they will potty on the floor, given half a chance, or throw up something that didn't agree with them. I just whip out the steam mop, wipe up the big stuff with a paper towel and then maybe spritz a cleaner that smells good and steam right over it. Cleans whatever is left over and leaves a nice scent behind, instead of puke or pee. Then I drop the pad into the laundry and run it through the next load, its ready to go again and again. I NEVER dry the pad in the dryer, I simply put a fresh one back on the steam mop. It only takes about 30 seconds to a minute to go from cold to being able to steam mop. I use a micro fiber cloth, maybe a cleaner and then steam off and wipe, I have removed gunk from a REALLY OLD linoleum floor that I thought I'd have to replace, grunge from windows, dried on food and guess what I am from cabinets and baseboards, and steamed some wrinkles from a shirt with the steam cleaner. Personally, its the best I have spent in some time! I have given up my wet mops, swiffer dust mop, the dust mop and the half dozen buckets of dirty water I went through in a week of mopping. Is it germ free when I am done? I really don't think it is, as the temp, while hot enough to clean, would probably melt stuff or destroy things if it actually got to higher temps that are needed for actual germ killing. I also remember in a science class (a 100 years ago) that to kill germs, you needed to reach boiling temps for 10 minutes. I know for canning you need the higher temps longer for this same purpose, so unless you want to STAND there for 10 minutes on one spot, I would say NO germ killing to 99%, but maybe enough to keep the baby somewhat safe. One way to be sure of germ killing, is to maybe use a capful of bleach to the water? But I would be really careful inhaling THAT steam! But I can tell you this, it has reduced the need for many cleaners, and certainly the ones that are toxic and dangerous. I use my basics, like bleach, Mr. Clean with Febreeze, baking soda, borax, Greased Lightening, Blue Wolf and vinegar. I rarely need much more than that. I got my steam mop and the little steam cleaner at Sams Club for + tax. TOTALLY worth IT! Hope this helps you to decide! Good luck!

    steam floor cleaners....Do any of them work ?
    I am looking to buy a steam cleaner for my hard floors at home,not carpets.
    I have looked at Hoover, Bissell, Shark and a few more, they all appear to be made from cheap flimsy plastic....I have read reviews online about the Hoover Steam cleaner and am really glad i didnt buy one, they dont work !
    Can anyone help me in finding a steam cleaner under 0 that does actually steam and clean.
    Awaiting any replies whilst i scrub my rather large kitchen floor by hand !!!!! Yay.

    • ANSWER:
      This question comes up a bit, so here's my answer again, the steam mops do work, but they are much slower than traditional mop and bucket cleaning, anyone that says otherwise sounds like a salesman for a steam mop.
      I sell both, and the steam mop is good, but you are forever waiting for it to get back to temperature, and how many dirty pads can you change before you run out.
      Spend the money on a good mop and bucket, use hot water change it regularly, and it will be much much faster than steam mopping

    Has anyone tried the SHARP Steam Mop? Is it worth the money?
    I keep seeing the informercial on tv. It looks like it works really well. They say you can use it on hardwood floors, is that true? If anyone has gotten it, how much did it cost? The infomercial is on tv right now on channel on CW network. Check it out and let me know what you think! Our floors are so grimy especially this time of year with all the mud and we have 3 dogs and someonone is always spilling coffee or soda and it's so sticky! Plain old mops just don't work.

    • ANSWER:
      I recently ordered the H2O steammop from an infommercial. I am quite pleased with it's cleaning performance. However, I only use it about once a week on my hardwood floors (I'm kind of afraid it may damage them if used more frequently). But I use it about every other day on my ceramic tile floors. It cleans them extremely well. I have two Boxers that track in alot of dirt and the H2O steammop really cleans up after them well. It cost me 149.00 and change for the mop and 2 extra cleaning pads. I would recommend getting extra pads if possible for the Shark mop too as they get soaked and dirty as you use them. It cleans much better when you replace them a few times. I guess it depends on how much floor space you are cleaning.

    Good electric mop for shoe scuffs?
    I have vinyl kitchen and bathroom floors. Unfortunately, my fiance wears his shoes in both rooms, and I can see traces of his black footprints.

    I have scrubbed the spots on my hands and knees with various floor cleaners, but nothing seems to pull up these footprints and shoe scuffs.

    I'd like to purchase a motorized mop that will get rid of the stains and make cleaning my kitchen and bathroom floors a little easier. I'd prefer the mop to be under 0, but I can go a little over that for the right mop. The Swiffer sucks.

    Also, do you have any cleaning solution recommendations?

    I have a vacuum designed for hard floors, so the mop doesn't need to have a dry vacuum feature.


    • ANSWER:
      I have one of those Shark steam mops I got from Sears (I think Walmart carries them now). I love it. It gets up all the dirt. You can leave it in one spot for 15 seconds and it also sanitizes. I think it was around when I bought mine. It comes with two microfiber cleaning pads.

    Swifter - good or bad?
    Does anyone use the Swifter on thier wooden floors? It seems like a dust mop on a pole. Does this keep them clean? Do you need to do something else in-between? I know no wet stuff, water or chemicals. And no furniture polish or you'll bust your hiney!@

    • ANSWER:
      I'm assuming you mean the Swiffer.
      The sweeper is a dry dust mop and yes, you would still need to mop with water / cleanser.

      I have used Swiffer Wet Jet. First off it is flimsy. The handle broke around the 4th time using it and I had to duct tape it to continue using. Swiffer wants you to use there cleaner only they come in these prefilled container that you connect to the mop to use and that had a little bit of a leak. Since it was battery operated it eventually failed to work.

      The other down part was the pads are so expensive and wasteful.

      I invested a bit more in the Shark and I love it. You only need to use water and since it is steam you don't need cleanser. I totally love it. Also the pads are washable. I've had the shark for about 3 yrs and its still in tact.

      All in All the swiffer is a major waste of money.

    Do you own a Shark Steamer Mop? If so, what do you think of it? And how is it compared to other mops?
    I want to buy one, but I would like some feedback from other users first. Thanks so much!
    Brook W: Where did you get your mop? Can you send me a link or give me a few more details so I can look into that please? Thanks. :-)
    Brook W: Thank you so much for the info. I checked it out, and I saved the info to compare it to the products here in the US. I wish they would ship to the US. :-) I would have loved to have bought from that website. :-)

    • ANSWER:
      I have a steam mop that is from the same manufacturer as the Shark. The only differences are that mine came with 4 pads instead of the Shark's 2 (this is essential if you have a lot to clean), and mine steams all the time when the pedal has been pressed, rather than just when pushing forward with the Shark. I L-O-V-E my steam mop. I have had it since October and it is amazing. My floors are SO clean now, and sanitized as well. Just check my kids' WHITE socks! My ceramic and stone tile is so clean, and my sealed hardwoods are streak-free for the first time. I can mop every day and it is no longer a chore at all. I can walk on the floors within seconds of mopping with the steam mop...with regular mopping and also the FloorMate I had previously, I had to wait 20 minutes or so before I could let anyone walk on the tile. It literally steams the floor dry. My youngest son got crayon on the tile, it cleans it right up. I mop the upstairs bathrooms which I rarely got around to mopping before because it was such a chore. I am a neat freak, this thing is the best floor cleaning product ever, and no chemicals! I have heard to stay away from the H2O mop, it leaves the floors much wetter as the pad gets soaked after a while.

      ETA: Mine is called the Deluxe Steam Mop, here is a link to one like mine, I have seen the US version on eBay, but have looked online and can pretty much find them only in the UK online...I was going to purchase one for my sister in law who has borrowed mine several times and loves it. The pads and the filler cup are identical, so I think that they are from the same manufacturer as the Shark originally. I am not so sure I would like to have the steam only when pushing forward like the Shark has.

      ETA: I have searched and searched for one like it in the US, I purchased mine at the Texas State Fair from a vendor that was out of California, so someone has them in the US. There is one on ebay right now that is the same as mine that is the US version, so they may just now be hitting the US with this product. I paid 9 for mine, it is worth every penny. Just today my son broke a bottle of hot wing sauce in the pantry, since it is oily and sticky, it would have taken forever to clean with a mop since it leaves residue. I steamed it off and no residue...can you tell I love this thing??? ;-)

    How do I get rid of a sticky sticky floor?
    I woke up one morning to find a trail of pancake syrup leading from the hallway into my son's bedroom. I walked in to find he had poured out the ENTIRE bottle onto my tile floor. I mopped the floor 3 times with super hot water and Mr. Clean floor cleaner. After it dried, my floor was still sticky. So, I scrubbed the floor with a sponge, super hot water, and dishwashing liquid and then mopped it with plain hot water, but it's still horribly sticky! I can't stand it anymore!! Please someone say they can help me get rid of the sticky mess on my floor!!

    • ANSWER:
      I use a steam mop with microfiber pad. You will never get water as hot as steam. It would melt the syrup and pick it up with the pad. It works wonders for me. I do house cleaning for a living.

      If you don't have one, see if you have a friend who does. They are quickly growing in popularity. I don't like the Shark brand - too small of a water tank. I use the Hoover Steam Mop, and it is great.

      Otherwise, I am thinking you will have to keep going over it. You could try using tongs to dip a terry cloth rag into boiling water and lightly rub over the trail. Prespray with an all purpose cleaner first. Just an idea.

    I need some help with my disgusting linoleum floors!?
    I've got these linoleum floors, they're that heavy duty commercial sort of lino. Anyway they've got this gross brown, buildup, dirt stuff in patches all over them. I had them stripped and re-polished, but it didn't last very long the dirt stuff started building up again straight after. I vaccum every day and mop every day or every second day. They just look really grubby all the time no matter how much I clean them!
    I've tried bleach, and ammonia, and re polishing them myself but no good. Any tried and true suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I've got that similar flooring in my kitchen and the best and easiest thing I've found to clean it with is a steamer. Not one of those steam floor mops (you could) but a Shark steamer that looks kind of like a little canister vac and it has a floor attachment.

      I got this type of steamer because I wanted to be able to use it for different things, not only floors. I use it on my gas grill, my wood work, counters, cupboards, windows, bathroom fixtures, stove, oven, pretty much anything that needs cleaned. I was tired of having all these chemical cleaners that really didn't work, were expensive and not good for me or the environment!

      Am I happy with it? YES! When paired with a microfiber cloth, it has cleaned things better than any thing else has and one heck of a lot easier. The biggest thing you need to learn when using one of the steamers is to allow the steam to do the work, don't scrub. The steam will soften and break down the dirt; just if it's really bad, it will take some time.

      The second best thing I've used is one of those old style carpet shampoo machines with the dual rotating brushes/scrub pads. However, the down side of that is you can't get close to the edges or under cabinets....

best way clean shark steam mop pads

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