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    What is the best home carpet/upholstery cleaner on the market to buy?
    I want one to clean carpets & upholstery (including the car)Looking for one that is economical. I have two children and a dog. I'm more interested in one that steam cleans in lieu of one with "Brushes" or "rollers".

    • ANSWER:
      You know, I'm not sure (I've always just rented a cleaner when I needed one... but I was single and didn't have kids or pets)

      If you can, go to your local library and see if they carry a copy of the July 2003 issue of Consumer Reports. They evaluated carpet/upholstery cleaners in that issue. They purchase all the appliances they test, and rate them on performance and cost. I know that the report is several years old, but it could point you in the right direction as to what is best today.

      Consumer Reports ALSO has a web-site, but I think you have to pay a subscription to access it (because they are non-profit and don't take any advertising to cover their costs).

      Good luck... I know it's not much, but I hoped it helps.

    Do you have an "at home carpet shampooer"? Does it work?
    I have pets that track in dirt and am looking at buying one so I don't have to get my carpets cleaned by proffecianals every 6 mo. If you have a good one (or bad one) let me know what type it is and about how much you spent. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I own a Hoover All Terrain F7452-900. I paid about 0.00 for it at HHGregg in June. It uses hot water and I was very surprised at the suction. It does not dry as fast as a professional cleaner but when you consider the cost of having a professional twice a year it is still worth it. I am very picky about what I buy to clean my house. I researched before I bought my carpet cleaner through consumer reports as well as asking my niece, who owns a cleaning business. Both came up with the same answer, so I bought one. I have not been disappointed with my purchase. It comes just as clean as a commercial company coming to my house, which I have used for the past 10 years. I was very skeptical and made sure I could return it if I didn't like the way it cleaned. Needless to say, I still have it!

    Can someone recommend an excellent steam cleaner that we can use at home for carpeting,furniture&pet stains?
    We are looking to purchase a steam cleaner that can clean our carpet, couches, car seats, furniture, and some pet stains. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable cleaner that is not super expensive?

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Consumer Reports rated Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech 7920 as the second top rated. I have one and it is really powerful. It is also highly rated for drying (to prevent mold), as well as cleaning. It is about 0.

      Also, it has a powerful attachment for cleaning upholstery and furniture. It also has a spot-cleaning attachment. For my money, you can't do better.

      I had to have something replaced on it, and the warranty covered the labor and part. (The part was broken because I stressed it, not because it was defective.) No cost to me. Also, when I needed to remove the front plastic shield to clean it, their Customer Service led me step-by-step, completely through the process, waited until I found a screwdriver, and patiently worked with me until I was through.

      I give the Bissell FIVE stars.

    How to remove cigarette smoke smell coming from air conditioning vent?
    just bought our first home, but everytime you turn on the air conditioning a strong cigarette odor comes from the vents. I know to replace the filter, but it comes outta one rooms vents the most so I think it must need to be cleaned or something. Anyone know how?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't know where you live but most towns have duct cleaning companies who specialize in cleaning and sanitizing heating and A/C ducts. Some have the option to deodorize them as well. Also, the nicotine smell is imbedded in the carpet as well and it needs to be cleaned and deodorized. Every time you turn on the furnace or A/C the "return" vents recirculate the foul odor. Any other cloth areas present the same problem and should either be washed or sprayed with a deodorizer like Febreeze frequently. Ionized air cleaners do work if you get the right brand. Check Consumer Reports for reviews.

    Are Oreck vacuum cleaners really worth the extra expense?
    If you have an Oreck vacuum, could you give me some feedback please? My biggest cleaning problem right now is cats. We've gotten rid of all our carpets - vinyl or laminate floors only, which has eliminated all the pet odors. But it is still hard to get rid of all the pet hair (etc) that builds up on all their favorite bedding or couches.

    I've got my eye on the 1400 Series canister vacuum (9! What am I thinking??!?!) But if it does what it claims, I think this would be worth it.

    I appreciate any feedback based on your experience with Oreck products. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I am of the opinion that you can't go wrong purchasing an Oreck product. It is quality--and they have the ability to back up their quality with great service from one of their 450 Clean Home Center stores.

      To all the Oreck "bashers" out there--get a life. You are so misinformed. As far as the Consumer Reports ratings, they are a non-objective rating company. They don't accept any sort of advertising money, but will give your product a "great review" if your company "donates" to their "foundation". That sounds like extortion to me. Don't believe anything you read there--just that the #1 rated product is probably not the best one!!!

      Buy an Oreck and you will be happy forever!!!!

    Is the ionic breeze good at eliminating odors?
    I read on consumer reports that the ionic breeze is worthless when it comes to purifying the air. But I don t care if the air is clean; I just don t want it to stink. I have two sugar gliders, and they have scent glands that kind of stink. I m curious if anyone with an ionic breeze, or something comparable, is happy with its ability to eliminate odors in the home. Also if anyone can recommends something better. Best answer wins10 points

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, baking soda works better. Just put baking soda on your carpets, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and vacuum it up. You can do the same to upholstery. It works great.

    My apt (New England rental) has mold in the basement. Do I have any rights as a tenant to have it cleaned up?
    I have only been living here for a couple of months and it has been here the whole time and seems to be getting worse. I have mentioned it to them but have not pursued it further as I don't know what they are obligated to do. I am worried about the health issues associated with breathing mold spores and don't know what to do. Is there any easy way I can get it cleaned up? Help please.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you have a right. Attach a health report which you may DL online with the request to clean it up, they do not want that liability. You have more than a right, you have a responsibility to your well being. If you want to maintain good relations, then cosnder the approach you take, perhaps even mentioning the health problems and suits, but asking for their input as to the best way to handle it.

      Remember though, anything not in wiriting is worth less than the paper you saved, next to nothing. So, if you are worried the issue could escalate, keep a log of any verbal exchanges. Take pictures too.

      MOLD can cause health problems that range from itching eyes, sneezing and coughing to serious allergic reactions, asthma attacks and even permanent lung damage. And what many people do not know is that mold could be growing in their homes right now.

      Toxic Mold
      Toxic mold, sometimes called black mold, is a term used to describe a variety of fungi that can grow indoors. Despite the names, the mold comes in many colors and is not itself toxic; rather, it releases substances called mycotoxins that can cause toxic reactions, including flu symptoms, respiratory problems, headaches, skin irritation and cognitive problems. Mold also releases spores that commonly cause an allergic reaction in humans, and can less commonly cause a fungal infection of the sinuses, digestive tract, skin or lungs. It can live on drywall, wood and carpets and is exacerbated by darkness and poor ventilation. Toxic mold is more common in buildings constructed after the 1970s, which are more airtight, and is more likely to occur in buildings with persistent water leaks or flooding.

      Mold Suit Cont.
      ... the mold had spread further into the house as well, their suit states. ... The suit charges that Sousa violated state consumer protection law, as well as ...

    What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    • ANSWER:
      My husband and I own a house cleaning company here in Dallas/Ft. Worth and we subscribe to Consumer Reports. According to Consumer Reports annual 2008 Buying Guide, the #1 vacuum for ANY floor including bare floors was the Kenmore Progressive w/direct drive 35922. It is around 0. The others:

      #2 Hoover Windtunnel 2 (though CR states that Hoover has more repairs than any other brand).

      #3 Kenmore Progressive 36932

      #4 Eureka Boss Smart Boss 4870 - personally have used and owned this vacuum - excellent suction and relatively inexpensive - 0.

      #5 Electrolux Oxygen3

      #6 Kirby Sentria

      #7 Riccar Supralite RSL3

      #8 Hoover Tempo Widepath

      #9 Bissell Healthy Home - currently use this vacuum for our business. Great vacuum for barefloors since you can turn off the brushroll at the push of a button. Great tools as well with a long hose that you can take all the way to the top of the stairs leaving the vacuum at the bottom. A bit heavy though.

      #10 Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal - personally I've used Dysons and I feel they are far overrated and not worth the price they cost. The tools also are a hassle instead of being helpful. Other vacuums perform just as well for less cost. A lot of the newer vacuums also do not lose suction.

      #18 Dyson DC15 The Ball All Floors. 0 and CR rated it
      #18 and poor for pet hair.
      #20 Dyson DC07 All Floors. Also pricey and though rated excellent on bare floors, it received only good, the middle rating on carpet and for pet hair.

      Also check out for other reviews - it is actually a good place to start since you can read other people's personal experience.

    Are "pet vacs" actually a better vacuum to own, if you own pets?
    I mean, do they truely work better at getting all the shedded hair? With less wear and tear on the machine?

    • ANSWER:
      This is the one and only time I will ever go against a consumer reports test. I have always had pets, currently 4 cats and one dog and they all shed no matter how much brushing and cutting and grooming I can do. I had owned two other vacuums one was a dirt devil product and one was an electrolux product, in the three years prior to purchasing my purple Dyson Animal!!! I am not cutting down the dirt devil or electrolux products at all, they just could not handle the job. The electrolux was a canister style that costs about 0. I had to use it every day, and it was in the shop multiple times in just over a year. I had to have friends of mine take it and clean it out with an air compressor they owned in between these shop visits...When the shop visits exceeded 0 I gave up, cleaned up the vacuum donated it to a local thrift shop and purchased the dirt devil product which was over 0, but had more filters and was supposedly the best thing going for general house cleaning and pet hair. This vacuum was in the shop less than the electrolux, but that was only because I had better access to the beater bars and other working parts so I did the cleaning of the vacuum that was supposed to be helping me do the cleaning.....see where this is was so frustrating. I was still vacuuming every day, but now twice a week I was spending up to an hour on the floor with the vacuum cleaning it so it would clean....isn't there just too many things wrong with this picture...and of course all these fancy (removable and therefore...replaceable...every 3 months) filters were costing for one and for the other...I got so frustrated I nearly launched the thing into orbit when I realized how much time and money and effort was going into keeping this vacuum going. I vacuumed the living room and hallways thoroughly with the dirt devil...cleaned it up one more time, put it to the side of the room, got in my car went to the bank to take the money out for a Dyson, drove to Sears (only store close to me that was carrying the Dyson brand at that time, nearly five years ago now. Walked into the vacuum department, talked to a couple of employees about the brand, I had already done my own research. I tried the vacuum out in the store, purchased one and brought it home. It has been great ever since!!! The first night I brought it home I revacuumed everything I had vacuumed earlier in the day and the Dyson picked up literally pounds of dirt and sand and hair out of the carpet. I was totally shocked, I knew there was bound to be some but WOW!!!!! That was not even using the power head that comes with the vacuum...That is even more incredible, it practically picks up the carpet off of the floor. I will have had the vacuum 5 years soon and it has never had to have a service visit...I never even extended the service warranty with Sears beyond the initial months which came free with purchase. I have only had to clean the beater bar area three times since I've owned it and that's only because a long piece of thread got tangled in it or something along those lines. I have had two friends borrow mine just to see how well it has worked and they have gone out and purchased their own, one lady is actually one of my friends mothers, is is her early 70's and is an old-school do not waste money type of person, who still has her same kitchen tools she received for wedding gifts over 50 years ago. She could not get to the store fast enough to buy one when she heard how well they worked. She has some health problems and was having a difficult time pushing her old vacuum, and loves how easily the "Animal" moves. I do not work for the company, I am not a paid spokesperson (they could hire me, I'm sure...), I do wish stock was available in the company, I would be investing..... It has made life easier, by making housework more pleasant.....and that's a good thing. They stand behind their product 100%, so what do you have to lose?

    What to look for when comparing the value (or otherwise) of a domestic carpet.?
    Particularly when the specification between different manufacturers seem to suggest that they are almost identical eg '80% wool, 20% nylon' or 'tufted' or '2ply yarn' etc, etc. How can I make sure I'm getting a good deal and not just 'salesman spiel'.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is what Consumer Reports has to say:

      We use only olefin in our house. It cleans up much better then other fibers. Carpet tends to go out of style before it wears out. I don't spend any money on "Stain Master" or other anti stain agents. They really don't seem to help much. If I get them at no cost, I will take them, but I win't pay for them.

      The difference between a spot and a stain is time. Today it's a spot, tomorrow it will be a stain.

      I keep a small arsenal of stain treatments to remove common spots. An Oxy (peroxide based), Lift-off # 3 for ink, an enzyme, and a juice remover.

      Good luck!

    Is it possible to get a red cough syrup stain out of a beige carpet. The stain is about 3 months old.?

    • ANSWER:
      If cleaning it yourself has not worked, have Stanley Steemer out. They removed a lot of old stains from our carpets.

      I was researching carpet-scrubbers on Consumer Reports, and they said that no off the shelf treatment or home scrubber works as well as the rental scrubbers and cleaners that are set up to rent from chain pharmacies/grocery/discount stores, but having Stanley Steemer out is noticeably better than those, too.

      So I did and it's true.

    Does anyone own a Hoover "Empower" Vacuum?
    I just bought one about a month ago, and it has totally crapped out on me. The carpet beater doesn't work and it has ZERO suction now. Very disappointing since it seemed so great at first with all its features. Anyone else buy one and have problems???

    • ANSWER:
      The Eureka "Boss" looks to be one of the best vacuum cleaners for the money at about 0., according to Consumer Reports when you take into account both cleaning, price, and reliability.

      Unfortunately, Hoover has the very worst reliability record of any brand. If the carpet beater doesn't rotate, it's because the belt is broken. A very cheap fix-- about 3-5 dollars for a new one. Just turn over the vacuum and take off the rotating beater (unplug vacuum first) and you will see the belt, probably hanging useless from the machine innards-- and remove it. Take it with you to the store (Walmart or Home Depot or Lowes, etc.) or a vacuum repair shop, and look at the numbers on the old belt. Get a belt with the same numbers on it. Have a man show you how to replace it-- it's SO easy; takes about a minute.

      As for ZERO suction, your vacuum actually has very good ratings for cleaning power, again, according to CR. There may be something stuck in the airway, or you may need to replace the bag. Replace the bag first, then take vacuum to repair shop if it still doesn't work. (Repair shop can easily replace belt while they're at it)

      Kenmore, Dyson, Eureka, and Bissell are some of the best for reliability. Kirby was by far the very most reliable, but very costly. Good luck. :)

    what is the best vacuum cleaner?
    What are some great vacuum cleaners? Price is a factor. Which ones have worked well and lasted longer for you?

    • ANSWER:
      I really like my Bissell Healthy Home. It's got a filtering technology similar to Dyson but at 1/2 the price. It does great with pet hair! We have 3 dogs and 4 cats so we know pet hair! Because the filtering technology is different in this model over the other Bissell models, this unit does not suffer from the clogging issue that plague some others. In the almost 3 years I've had mine, it's only had one clog and that was because hubby sucked up a small piece of cardboard. But 4 screws and less than 5 minutes, I was back in business. You could see the clog right on the back of the machine.

      The other Bissell models like to catch things like small bits of tissue, wrappers, cardboard right under the dirt collection cup. There is a filter there and the stuff catches behind that filter. You just pull the filter drawer out, lay the sweeper on it's back, pull the stuff out with a pair of long pliers and you should be good to go again.

      I was disappointed in the Consumer Reports run down on vacuums. They have always said how wonderful Hoover is and I've had two and would not buy another one. My last unit failed twice under warranty and a third time 2 weeks after the warranty expired for the same issue. Hoover would not step up and take care of the problem. I went and bought the Bissell and was amazed at what the Hoover was leaving in the carpets. Grossed out also!

      Watch the sales, you can get the Healthy Home for around 0. Yeah, it's a little steep but it's a quality unit, has a 5 year warranty and works like a champ! The tools are well designed and easy to use. One other tip, Sears sells a generic bare floor brush for . that fits right on the extension wand of the Bissell. Works much better to do bare floors with! That's the one downfall of uprights; they really don't do bare floors well. But the . item from Sears takes care of that issue!

      I've had good service out of my Bissells. I've had 3 now. And 2 of those 3 are still running just fine. I keep the smaller one upstairs so I don't have to carry a vacuum up and down the steps. Hubby finally killed the 2nd one down in his wood shop. He was using it as the motor for his dust collection system and I suspect he wasn't keeping the filters cleaned out. But that unit had already seen a lot of use and abuse for nearly 10 years.

    Carpet Shampooer?
    whats a good inexpensive stream cleaner that will make my carpet look like new again! we moved into our apartment almost a year ago and it was a very rainy muddy day, ever since my carpets have just been plain nasty looking, its only the livingroom and diningroom though. What can i get that will actually work

    • ANSWER:
      I decided last year to do that very thing and researched carpet steamers and scrubbers on Consumer reports. Their finding was that NO home carpet cleaner was even close to the cleaning power of the rental steam cleaners that can be rented at grocery and pharmacies. (They did advise to inspect closely for worn or dirty units).

      But beyond that - they said that having Stanley Steemer out was far beyond the cleaning of the rentals. That's what I did, and I have to agree, having used both rental steamers and an older home carpet scrubber at our own home and on rental property carpets.

    Home-made formula like"Nature's Miracle" pet cleaner ???
    Does anyone know of a formula or household products that might work something like "Nature's Miracle" pet cleaner to clean and neutralize pet urine stains and smells on carpet? Or of any others that work well.? Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      I have tried every product out there...I had an incontinent dog towards the end of his life and he kept peeing on the carpet whenever he arose from his naps...I can tell you that the absolute best product out there is called "Get Serious!" and it works!!!! The other products do not completely eliminate or neutralize the odor....Get Serious! does. I have spent a LOT of money with my own little consumer report and have wasted a lot of money on product that was supposed to work...including Nature's Miracle and Urine Gone. Pricey product that does not deliver.

    Help! Vacuum cleaner bit the dust!?
    My Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum cleaner, which I purchased less than two years ago, bit the dust. I took it in to the authorized Hoover repair shoppe, and it will cost more to fix the darn thing than what I paid for it (well over 230 bucks). I bought it because Consumer Reports recommended it. It worked great (when it worked) but I had to take it in to repair the latch which kept the head on the wand and that cost and now this. I read up on the internet and find all sorts of complaints about Hoover, that it is no longer the company that it used to be (since it sold out to Maytag). My question is, what is a great vacuum cleaner that will not break the bank and will last more than two years? I have a dog, four kids with a stay-at-home mother so it needs to be durable, powerful, non-dust emitting, etc. Thank you very much for your input, especially personal experience with what has worked for you. God bless.
    PS. The wife prefers a canister over an upright. It's lighter for her and she is able to get under the furniture.

    • ANSWER:
      I have several vacuum cleaners some cheaper, some 00 +.

      My favorite of all is either my Ocean Blue canister or the Dyson DC21 canister.

      Both due a wonderful job! Furthermore, the Dyson cleans just as well and fluffs my carpet better than my Ocean Blue, Rainbow or Electrolux canisters.

      Happy Vacuuming!

    My apartment complex will not fix my leak.?
    We moved into our apartment in August 2010. In our lease it states that after a year, we do not have to sign a lease and that our rent is month to month. This year my family (mother and brothers, whom I do not live with) will be moving to another state in about 6 months, so this situation was awesome, I didn't have to wait for another year to move with them. In March 2011, we decided to get a puppy, paid the pet deposit and whatnot. So in September 2011, I was not extremely surprised when I stepped out of my bed onto a wet carpet spot. I figured that my puppy had an accident in the middle of the night. So I went and got the pet cleaner, paper towels and attempted to soak it up. The paper towel instantly soaked (mind you my puppy weighs 20lbs) completely through and the liquid was clear. I woke my boyfriend up and expressed my concerns and that we might want to call the vet. It was at this moment that I took a step closer to the bed and realized the wet spot was much larger that I imagined. (At this time our box spring was on the floor because I was super nervous about the bed falling on the puppy, weird but whatever) So I asked my boyfriend to lift up the bed. I found that my entire box spring was completely soaked, as well as my carpet. A foul odor erupted, a smell which I recalled to be mildew. After moving all furniture away from this 12X12 area, moving the bed into the living room, etc. We realized that there was a wet spot on the wall which had soaked through the drywall, the baseboards were wet and if you stomped on the carpet there was so much water that your knees would get wet. We called our apartment complex and continued on our way to work. Upon returning home, I noticed that no one had repaired the issue. I called again, but the complex was closed. In the morning I contacted them and they informed me that the repair crew was scared of my dog and I had to be at my apartment while it was being repaired. Fair enough, I knew that Boston Terriers are extremely intimidating and are known for vicious attacks on humans, I called into work and stayed home....And stayed home....And waited. Finally around 5pm (which is when the office closes) I call and get no answer. A friend had invited me out to dinner so me and the boyfriend went. When we returned later that night, I found the hole in my bedroom wall "patched" up with some kind of putty material (I am a female, 19 and I have no idea what that stuff is called, sorry. Basically it looked and felt like Play Dough). I was confused because I thought the repair crew couldn't come into my house without me being there because of my pet, not to mention it had to be past 6pm when they came. So the next day I call and ask when they are going to fix the leak (the wet spot had grown much larger than the first day it was discovered, it had been raining) and they informed me that a crew had been there and fixed it. I told them that putting Play Dough on my wall does not fix leaks or clean mildew-y carpet. She paged the maintenance man again, while I waited. They came, repaired the wall once more (I messed it up) walked outside and proclaimed that the leak was now fixed. Skeptical, our bed remained in the living room. The carpet cleaner guy came and steamed my carpet, hooray. And the next morning the carpet was soaked again. So, I've been dealing with this for a little over 2 months now. Since then I've complained multiple times, mostly they have just ignored the calls. The last time they were out, the crew wrote a report that my situation was pet related. Once again, my dog is 20lbs. She would have to be in a constant state of pissing in order to produce 1/4 of the water in my room, not to mention that it is water, not pee. It smells like mildew, not pee. AND the wonderful and fun fact that no one goes in that room unless we are getting clothes. The pets are definitely not allowed in there because one fine morning the cat became curious and licked up some of the water and proceeded to puke everywhere. So, yeah, they claimed that the leak is pet related and I was actually going to be evaluated for the carpet damage. Since then they have given me this lovely humidifier, which runs 24hrs/7days a week. It must be dumped every 12 hrs, it's always full and the container holds 3 gallons. Not to mention that I pay my own electric here so I'll be so happy to see that bill next month.

    My question is, what the fuck can I do? I mean, excuse the language but I'm a little tired of this issue. I didn't know if it would be smart ass-like to only pay for the square footage that I use, but that's what I feel like doing. Have any of you been in this situation? Advice is surely needed.

    • ANSWER:
      check with your states dept of consumer affairs (they have jurisdiction) under landlord tenants rights most have a pdf handbook with your rights and how to legally resolve such issues

    Anyone else annoyed by Vaccum salesman?
    I have had 3 Kirby salesman knock on my door this week alone! I can't stand door to door salesman either! If I want to buy something I will go buy it. I sure don't want some pest knocking on my door! The most annoying part is when you tell them you are not interested they still don't shut up! They ignore the no solicitation signs all over the neighborhood and on my door too. Who else is annoyed with these pests?

    • ANSWER:
      As a house cleaner, I have discovered stories of Kirby sales people that would turn your hair white!

      The BEST and ONLY way to get RID of these obnoxious people is to tell them... as you are shutting the door on them and disregarding ANYTHING they may say to you... that... (and DON'T even use the word PLEASE)... "Leave NOW, and do not return... AND (not OR) I will call the police immediately."

      These people LITERALLY INVADE your home!!! They think that an open screen door is an invitation into your home AND WILL PUSH their way IN. THIS IS AN INVASION OF YOUR HOME and you have EVERY RIGHT to call the police on them. Do NOT be polite... do NOT be kind... be firm and do NOT hesitate to call 911 if they do not leave IMMEDIATELY or push their way inside.

      One of my customers... a LAWYER, even!!!!... had these persistant pests in his home until 10:30 PM AT NIGHT before they FINALLY LEFT when they made their SALE!!!! I refuse to use the machine, as I do not think they are really any GOOD. In fact, in this customer's home, you can STILL SEE the white area in their carpet where the salesman spread the baking soda to demonstrate the machine. They have even had their carpet CLEANED professionally and the white spot still remains. Every time I clean their house, it is a reminder.

      As a matter of course, I refuse to use Kirbys. They are heavy, mediocre, EXPENSIVE, paperweights. The only "good" thing about them is their sales force (sarcastically speaking)... because ANYONE who can sell an expensive piece of JUNK like that MUST be a damned good salesman. But in actuality, they are NOT "GOOD" they are PUSHY and INTRUSIVE!!!

      P.S. Even Consumer Reports rates Kirby's as being in the "middle of the pack" so to speak. There are loads of great vacuums that are a WHOLE LOT LESS expensive, weighty, easier to use, and DON'T come with an AGGRESSIVE sales force.

      We won't even go into their FINANCIAL department for anyone who has trouble making their payments!!!!

      Frankly, with their business practices, I don't understand how they remain in business. I guess PT Barnam was right when he said, "There's a sucker born every minute!"

      DON'T BE one of those suckers... friends!!! These vampires of the vacuum world give all the rest of the "decent" salesmen a bad name!

    State of CA , Consumer Court..this happened 1 1/2 years ago.Yet unforgettable.Can I still get justice.PL HELP!?
    But long story short 1st- I had the most horrendous experience staying with a gf-bf pair. I have some proof like pics and checks I wrote them to back me up. Sent this landlord a letter asking for my money. He id not reply. I wanted to drag him to consumer court but just got busy . Been more than 1 1/2 years . CAN I STILL EXPECT TO GET ALL MY MONEY BACK INCLUDING THE DEPOSIT AND HOLDING AMT ? THIS IS IN STATE OF CA.
    If you dont have time - STOP right here.
    Here is what I have and a succinct story to go with .,if that interests you. ONLY .else you can skip it.
    photos of all their nonsense ,
    The signed arrangements that mentions nothing of what they extorted from me . I stayed home to finish some work.His GF told me its not 'fair' for others to pay for me 'working from home' but she and other roomies never stayed out that long. They were off certain days and that gf came home 2-3 times from work for 'breaks' and see her fav. soaps.
    checks I paid to him etc.
    Receipts of hiring steam cleaners from Safeway . I steam cleaned the room at , the time of leaving. Took pics of the place. Both BF GF pair had gone out of town on the day I left.
    copies of letters I sent him asking for my deposit back.
    Police report I filed on the day he fought w/ me.I argued out against the non sense that his gf was imposing on me. "You can t use the laundry during day time because the power billing rate is high " - I come during evening "You cannot do it now because I have this pile already waiting . So I come at night when there is no one there..."dont you ever have any manners ...? you want to wash your clothes when Frank is asleep" .
    That brought me to my nerves. I argued firmly & she pretended to cry , called her b.f. Her unemployed no gooder b.f. came charging at my door & forced his way in - threatened to hit me w/ a jack.
    She always took the rest of the roomies on 1 side ( like she represents their interest . But I got along well w/ em ) & made me feel aloof
    They got a puppy without asking me & their little "cuddly duddly" use to run around ,with no bowel control , spoiling each & every room. Did it 3-4 times in my room. Here is what she said "Can't you just pick it up like a tootsie roll ..?..dont you go to toilet ..". I had enough. I wrote them a stinking note and next day got served with a 30 day notice. And then on she use to loudly humiliate me as if I had no cleanliness standard as she pointed the room the prospective roomies.I have 1 pic of that nonsense .
    Paid him 0 as holding amt before I moved in to be adjusted off from the deposit at a later point in time. Time comes to stick to that...his g.f. intervenes & says its not "fair " to her . So he backs out on the day I move in and says that the charge to "hold the room" . There is nothing like that in the agreement.
    His g.f tripped off her room fuse every-time she used the blower for her hair ( btw the most power consuming instrument amongst everything that was there ) . Internet went down . I requested they put the router in the living room so I cd fix this . They not only refused but later - they harassed me by shutting of the internet after 8 p.m. So I ordered my own net.
    Refused to hand anyone the home key & the room key. One day they deliberately locked my room from within and left off for the day. I had to foot 0 for the emerg locksmith. I wrote this - in the parting letter posted on his door. "there is no key for me to return because you never gave me one". I 'd like to claim some 00 worth of stolen property because I was not given adequate room security.

    • ANSWER:
      I can almost garuantee you'll get your money back. Have you ever heard of pre paid legal? Well if you havnt let me tell you a story.

      My husband and I had mold growing in our old apt. The manager wouldn't do anything but prime and paint over it. This was a really bad case of mold though and we did not want to risk getting sick, so we used our PPL membership which allows us access to an attorney that practices in that field. We had the attorney speak to the manager who then spoke to the owner and that day they moved us into a hotel, gave us a day for food and gave us free rent for the month. When we returned home they had given us hard wood floors, brand new carpet, blinds, paint and the best pArt, a brand new kitchen! All this didn't cost us a penny! If you would like more info let me know.

    Best Bagless Vacuum for the multiple dog home?
    I have Paps & a Dobe & a Chin, so dog hair is not a huge issue, but of course they do shed. I also have birds & the usual seeds they spatter around the cages. I'm looking for something good on carpet & area rugs on carpet that has an extendable hose & tool for cleaning upholstery & drapes too. Bagless is a must! I had an Electrolux before & know they're good, but I don't want to drop that much on a vac right now as I just bought a car. (If you bought a vac that was awful, pls let me know abt that too.)

    Thanks so much for your suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want cheap, there's a Hoover brand bagless that does a decent job-can't think of the model name, but it's marketed for pet homes. Bissell does a good job for a while, but they lose suction rather quickly, and tend to clog up.

      If you want something great that will last for 50-60 years-look into installing a central vac...the units run about 0 for an average size house, and it's possible to do your own installation with an inexpensive kit. Simplicity makes a good pet vac, too, but they cost between 0-00. Consumer Reports rated Riccar as the best (better than even Dyson) for pet hair.

    opnions on what the best vacuum cleaner is?
    We are looking into buying a new vacuum, I are newly married I really don't know what a good vacuum is since I don't have much experience taking care of a home by myself.

    Our price range is [FAQ-QUESTION]-0. We live in apartments so the carpet is low grade and we don't have much storage. I wanted something compact, has a hose so I can vacuum around the sofa. I also don't really want to buy online since most vacuums cost s in shipping.

    What is your opinion is the best vacuum and is there any other features that I might want that I don't know I want? lol.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • ANSWER:
      Based on Consumer's Reports about vacuum cleaners, I went with an Eureka "The Boss" SmartVac. It actually does a better job for pet hair removal than the Dyson Animal.

      I'm an "older" woman and have had many vacuums thru the years and this is absolutely the BEST vacuum I've ever owned. It has a Pet Brush attachment as one of the "tools" and it's fantastic. Removing cat hair from the chairs and sofa was always a problem, but not now!!

      It was about 0 (on sale) and well worth the money.

best home carpet cleaner consumer reports

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