Best Steam Cleaner For Carpets And Pets

What is a dust mite?

Dust mites are microscopic little bugs. It belongs to Arachnid family. pinch live off eating human and pet dead skin cells, potato chips and cookie crumbs. Dust tinge survive in temperatures above 70 Fahrenheit. They die when the air humidity level drops below 40-50%. Mites are not only harmful for people, but it can also cause severe allergies and asthma.

junk mites are very small and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Dust tinge can be found in many places at in your homes such as carpets, rugs, blankets, couches, chairs, pillows and mattresses. Dust pinch prefer to live in warm and moist environments. Carpets and mattresses are main the areas where you can find junk pinchs.

How dust mites can be harmful?

Dust pinchs can survive in mattresses, carpets, upholstery and bedding. junk tinge can also survive in dry climate conditions. It survives and reproduces quickly and easily in bedding and carpets. Dust mites can cause asthma and allergies to you or your loved ones. Constant exposure to the tinge can be dangerous for the people who are sensitive to allergies and respiratory problems. Allergies from junk mites can be mild to severe. A mild allergy can cause cold, sneezing and watery eyes. Severe allergy results into chronic cough-cold, congestion and asthma attacks. These allergens can affect your immune system as well.

How to get rid of dust mites?

Hire a carpet cleaning professional to get rid of dust tinge. Some effective methods to get rid of dust mites are:

X-mite anti-allergen treatment method

Carpet cleaning professionals use X-Mite anti allergen carpet cleaning treatment to get rid of junk tinge. The cleaning agent is sprinkled on the carpet and swept onto the carpet with a broom. The cleaning agents get active and start working in the carpet fiber. After almost three-four hours, technicians clean the carpet with vacuum to remove powder and dirt.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning

Hot water extraction is another method to get rid of mites. This cleaning method is approved by IICRC. The Pressurized Hot Water Extraction (PHWE) uses high water pressure and hot water to activate the reaction rate. When the cleaning solution is spread on the carpet, hot water increases the reaction rate. It thoroughly cleans dirt, stst, tinge, pollen grains and stains as a result of that. This process is gentle yet highly effective.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to get rid of dust mites from your carpet, furniture, bedding and upholstery. The company you hire should be IICRC certified. It should specialize in "steam cleaning" or "hot water extraction," to remove junk mites.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best carpet steam cleaner on the market?
    I want to buy a steam cleaner for my carpet. I have pets and we have the occasional accident or tracking in of mud, plus I've got soda stains, etc. I don't expect to be able to get all of the stains out but I do want to get my carpet nice and clean as possible. I am willing to invest more money for a better machine. What is the best steam cleaner on the market? Any suggestions?
    Okay, then what is the best hot water extaction machine?

    • ANSWER:
      I've sold appliances and floorcare for years and the first thing I can tell you is PLEASE DON'T BUY A BISSEL...They're impossible to clean, they mold, and they don't have near the scrubbing power or suction as a Hoover.
      Now, from personal experience...A Hoover will remove twice as much of the left behind moisure and the rotating scrubbing action is hands down, the best for tough stains...(I have 2 dogs and 2 cats).
      The Hoover has a seperate tank for clean and dirty...The bissel has a bladder that swells with the fill of the dirty and is absolutley disgusting...
      o.k...I don't like
      Here...Just buy this guy.. :-)

    Will Steam Cleaning remove pet odors from ceramic tile and grout?
    I know that steam cleaning carpet seals in the odors and doesn't remove them, but what about grout and tile? Will steam cleaning tile and grout with a steamer mop remove pet odors?

    • ANSWER:
      just mop with white vinegar and water.... the vinegar smell will dissipate...this also works on carpets...the vinegar neutralizes the enzymes which cause the odor. (also works on mattresses for bed wetter issues.)

      Be Blessed!

    Can someone recommend an excellent steam cleaner that we can use at home for carpeting,furniture&pet stains?
    We are looking to purchase a steam cleaner that can clean our carpet, couches, car seats, furniture, and some pet stains. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable cleaner that is not super expensive?

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Consumer Reports rated Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech 7920 as the second top rated. I have one and it is really powerful. It is also highly rated for drying (to prevent mold), as well as cleaning. It is about 0.

      Also, it has a powerful attachment for cleaning upholstery and furniture. It also has a spot-cleaning attachment. For my money, you can't do better.

      I had to have something replaced on it, and the warranty covered the labor and part. (The part was broken because I stressed it, not because it was defective.) No cost to me. Also, when I needed to remove the front plastic shield to clean it, their Customer Service led me step-by-step, completely through the process, waited until I found a screwdriver, and patiently worked with me until I was through.

      I give the Bissell FIVE stars.

    Does our landlord have the right to make us steam clean the carpets before we leave?
    We're moving out at the end of the month and our landlord recently told us to steam clean the carpets (which were quite old before we got here) or else it was implied she would take it out of our security deposit. Our carpets are clean, have been vacuumed regularly, and we don't wear shoes in the house. Does the landlord have the right to demand this of us? Is it normal procedure for tenants to do this or is the landlord being unreasonable here?

    • ANSWER:
      In California if it is in the rental agreement that the property is to be cleaned and carpets are to be cleaned by the tenant and you signed it then yes.

      However, if it is not in the rental agreement / lease agreement. After a year ( in California) your are not responsible for cleaning the carpets. You are responsible for non wear and tear to the carpets (carpet damage) such as pet urine, bleach, red stains rips and burns etc.

      We work with land lords, property managers and renters. We hear all the stories.

      Good Luck

    What is the best way to remove pet odors from carpets--without steam cleaning?
    What is the best product to remove pet odors from carpets, without steam cleaning? I am looking to buy a powder/spray/foam that you can use on carpet with a regular upright vacuum cleaner. I also welcome any home-made concoctions for removing the pet odors (possibly urine) from carpet. Please let me know from your experiences!

    Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      You could try an all natural carpet cleaner solution.

    Does anyone know of a cleaning solution to put in the steam cleaner to clean the carpet after pet messes?
    I am looking for a "receipe" to put in my carpet cleaner to clean the carpet after a pet messes on it.

    • ANSWER:
      baking soda and water

    What is a good steam cleaner for pets?
    I have two dogs, white carpeting in my living room and hallway, and thick red carpets in my 2 bedrooms. I would like to rent a good carpet steam cleaner to clean the carpets and get out various stains my dogs left (ie: potty training period, one had a bad case of diarrhea over the summer, and the other has a sensitive stomach and vomits easily). In addition, could you also recommend a good cleaning solution to use. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know what steam cleaner models you pets could use as many times they are metal and the claws and paws slide right off.

      ArgoSheen is a very good carpet cleaner product - though I do not know if it is for a steam cleaner. I just use a short string mop. Takes out all sorts of poop.

    Does anyone have a good homemade solution for steam cleaners?
    I need a good homemade solution for my steam cleaner to clean the carpets. Something good for pet stains too. Those carpet cleaners from the store are SO expensive. There has got to be something you can use at home that is just as good.
    Thanks to anyone who can help!!

    • ANSWER:
      I've use spick & Span and Mr. Clean before, it smells great. Be sure to add about a half capful of fabric softener to your solution to cut down on sudsing. Good Luck!

    What are the best carpet steam cleaners for pet urine stains?
    I am in the market to buy a steam cleaner for my carpets. I have two dogs who have accidents every now and again, and a teen nephew living with me who loves to make a mess of my carpet. I have a small, hand held spot cleaner, but that only does so much. I don't want to purchase an upright until I know which ones are the best. Any ideas on which ones to look into?
    Also, the stains from my nephew have come from spilling red sodas, and the cleaner would need to be good for red stains as well.

    • ANSWER:
      The red stains are from a drink that contains food grade dyes. This type of stain is best left to a professional carpet cleaner to remove. He/she will use a product called "Red Relief", a damp terry cloth towel, and a steam iron. Once the stain has lifted into the terry cloth, the pro will extract the treated area with a hot water rinse. Pet stains also require special attention that a home maker should leave to a pro, the urine passes through the carpet, through the pad, and ends up on the wood or concrete floor. Bacteria will start raising there families in this noxious mess, namely in the urine salts. The urine salts absorb humidity from the air and keep the bacteria active, producing ammonia type odors. This type of odor will burn out the sensitivity of the olfactory senses, only guests will notice the stinky atmosphere inside the home as they come through the front door. A toy carpet cleaner, such as you are looking for has no chance to clean and sanitize this type of stain with any lasting effects.

    What is a good steam cleaner for pets?
    I have two dogs, white carpeting in my living room and hallway, and thick red carpets in my 2 bedrooms. I would like to rent a good carpet steam cleaner to clean the carpets and get out various stains my dogs left (ie: potty training period, one had a bad case of diarrhea over the summer, and the other has a sensitive stomach and vomits easily). In addition, could you also recommend a good cleaning solution to use. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

    What is a good steam cleaner for pets?
    I have two dogs, white carpeting in my living room and hallway, and thick red carpets in my 2 bedrooms. I would like to rent a good carpet steam cleaner to clean the carpets and get out various stains my dogs left (ie: potty training period, one had a bad case of diarrhea over the summer, and the other has a sensitive stomach and vomits easily). In addition, could you also recommend a good cleaning solution to use. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Look into a product called 950

      A bissell,hoover steamers


    How do you get pet odor out of your carpet?
    How do you get pet odor out of your carpet?

    Any suggestions? My boyfriend and I got a puppy, and now that he's house trained, I have to get this light "scent" out of the carpet before it drives me nuts!

    BTW, I've used Brawn stain remover every time the little one had an "accident", along with steam cleaning the carpets once already. His smell still lingers, however. Eh, gross.
    I have my own steam cleaner.

    • ANSWER:
      I have a dog myself and I use a pet odor remover made by either Nature's Miracle or Simple Solution. They contain bacterial enzymes that eat through the yucky organic stuff in your carpet (and it works for all sorts of other things, including vomit, feces, grass and grease stains, etc.) I also use it as a stain remover for my laundry when I have difficult stains. I would also strongly recommend the use of a black light to detect old stains and treat them because they are usually not visible to the naked eye. You have to do this at night ideally, and the black light highlights EVERY stain you have on your carpet. Just spray the pet odor remover product, saturate the carpet completely, and you'll actually see the stain disappear before your very eyes. I have found that general stain removers don't seem to do very much for pet odors. When buying a product, read the ingredient list and make sure that bacterial enzymes are on the list. Otherwise, the product will treat the stain but not the odor.

    How do I get my dog to stop peeing on the carpet?
    My dog is about 3 years old and everynight he pee's in the spare bedroom on the carpet. I have tried everything. Sometimes he poops there too. Every Morning I wake up to find either pee on the carpet or poop and pee on the carpet. I have tried spraying some stuff I bought from the pet supply store that claims your dog won't pee in the spot you spray it in. I have steam cleaned the carpet to remove the old scent. That didn't work. I've tried keeping the door to bedroom closed at night so he won't go in there but instead he'll pee in the corner of my dining room. so now I have two area's of the house where he will go and pee. I've tried not giving him water before bed time and I make sure I walk him and he pee's outside before we go to bed. Nothing is working. I'm just desperate to get him to stop. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Get a kennel, but not one that's too big for him. Make him sleep in it at night. In the morning, take him out and stay there till he goes potty. Then you praise him.

      If you're going out of the house, keep him in the kennel, until you get back and then take him outside as soon as he gets out of the kennel.

      He'll probably cry about being in the kennel, but that's better than pee and poop on the floor.

      Goos Luck!

    can i request to the landlord to change the carpet in my aparment?
    it's been 3days now when i moved in to this apartment but just can't stand the smell. thought it was due to new paint & steam cleaning of the carpet but for sure it's pet odor that caused by urine & other stuff. yesterday i told my apartment manager to come by but havn't heard from him yet. can i request to change the carpet or is there a way to eliminate this pet odor? who pays for this ?

    • ANSWER:
      I doubt the landlord is going to pay for something like changing the carpet.
      Check your lease today. You've only been there a few days, and there may be something in the lease that applies to interior problems being the responsibility of the landlord. Maybe you can get him to pay again to have the carpet cleaned by someone better than last time :(
      Good luck...

    Does steam cleaning remove pet fur and loose dirt?
    I was told my new apartment carpets had been steam cleaned, yet when I used a vacuum cleaner on them afterwards, I had two entire canisters full of loose dirt and what looks like cat fur.

    I would like to know if the real estate agent really did send a cleaner through and that is a normal outcome, or whether they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes and they didn't likely send cleaners through the apartment.

    • ANSWER:
      If it was a truck mounted system, it has a high powered suction which removes water, and in theory would remove pet hair and dirt... If the carpets looked clean, but still had stuff in them, it may be that a Chem dry method was used... All that entails is a guy coming in with a pre treatment spray, a buffer and a "bonnet" that scrubs the top surface of the carpet. It will look nice, but is not steam cleaned. They could have used a portable unit (like a rug doctor), but those do not have the suction, NOR THE HEAT, that a professional carpet cleaner would use! I would ask them to send the company back in... you have the right to ask for that. Set it up, so that you can be there and see what they really do. If they won't send some one in, write a letter to the real estate company and ask to ammend your check in sheet for your lease. Go in and say you should not have to pay for a service that was not provided for you before you moved in to the home. If they are unwilling to ammend it, look up the Landlord/Tennant laws for your state. You can also turn the realtor in to the BBB in the end if they do not satisfy your requests. GOOD LUCK!!!

    How can I stop my yorkie from peeing in one particular area?
    I cannot seem to get to stop peeing in one area. I have steam cleaned the carpet and sprayed it with some spray from the pet store but nothing seems to work. He is well potty trained (well used to be) . He always barked or lick when he needed to go outside. Please help me I cannot take the smell anymore!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It is obvious that the urine has penetrated way down into the carpet padding and as long as the smell is there your yorkie will go there-----First pour straight Vinegar and thoroughly soak the carpet-should not harm the fibers nor disturb the color(s) but to make sure can test a small area on the edge of the carpet-15 minutes should be sufficient to confirm safe or not. Also block that area of the carpet so your yorkie cannot get to it or even close to the urined carpet area. Vinegar destroys bacteria,odors,mold and mildew and is also a antiseptic. I havea used vinegar on cat urine, rabboit urine--and often all I needed. The one time it didn't went to Petsmart but Petco or any other Petfood,Petstore should carry it-) unfortunately can't rmember the name but comes in a tall container-and for carpet is a power Enzyme Cleaner---the Enzyme Agents seek out the odor/bacteria---protein(all urine,feces,blood etc is protein based)and literally eat/destroy the source of the odor and Voila If no bacteria/Protein then no odor----you leave it on the carpet for 24hours-also block the Yorkie,any animal for going .it although is safe non-poisonous, non-.toxic and no harsh detergents and then vacuum it up.Your carpet smells fresh and it is clean. For non-carpeted floor it comes in a liquid. It costs approx .00 but well worth it and just a little amount is needed to do the job. It is not the only product available at petstores-----Not Walmart or K-Mart or any of the Grocery Stores for do not always work. More than likely he had a accient or do not allow friends to bring their doggies and leave them access to roam the house for even another dog or cats urine will hold the same attraction to urinate there-instinct. Hope I helped-best of luck

    What is the best steam cleaner for cleaning up after pets?
    I have two cats that like to pee on the carpet. I rent an apartment and would rathar not have to pay to replace the carpet when my lease is up. Does anyone know of a good steam cleaner that will help me clean up the cat pee? I was looking at getting one of those smaller ones, but I wasn't sure if they worked well or not.

    • ANSWER:
      I have 2 cats & 2 dogs. Naturally there have been accidents - urine, vomit, a kidney infection. Here's my story. So through all of the pet encounters, I was trying all the different products to clean up the messes. There are several specialty products for pets. DO NOT BUY THESE. None of them worked. And if you go the Oxy Clean route beware - I have heard horror stories about Oxy Clean destroying carpet. Products you can buy for rug doctors are all over priced, and never really clean the mess. They either saturate the stains or mask the smell for a few days. Even the ones that were designed for steamers. As far as steaming, you are pushing water and whatever chemical you are using down into the carpet. If the chemical is soapy, you are not breaking the stain apart. Instead you are just saturating it in the carpet. Believe me, I used everything you can think of. When you use 950 in a rug doctor is makes your carpets look professionally cleaned and it WILL break apart the old stains.

      I now use one thing and one thing only to clean up after the pets. Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner that actually breaks the bond of stains. It is designed to work with water to actually get in the stain. Once it does this, it fully breaks it apart and the steamer sucks up all of the stain. If you are not breaking the bond like 950 does, you do not get rid of the stain and the urine smell will return. Look at any other questions posted on here about pet urine stains. they all say they cleaned and scrubbed but the smell is still there. It's cause other products don't break the stain apart.

      Another plus to the product is it is environmentally friendly and non toxic.

      I found 950 at a garage and bought it originally to remove paint that was stained in my carpets. Since then I have used it for nearly every cleaning dilemma I have had. Pet urine and vomit, a shattered bottle of A1 Steak sauce in the living room, muddy footprints, spilled drinks, you name it. If you can not find any near you, it is worth buying on line at

    How do I remove pet odors from my carpet?
    I steam cleaned my carpet yesterday. Apparently the previous owner had a dog that liked to "go" in that room. I woke up this morning and the whole house reeks of dog urine. How do I get rid of this smell?

    • ANSWER:
      For just a few spots

      Nature’s Miracle should work. It is available at Petsmart. Make sure you follow the direction. The main reason that it fails is that people just sprays it on and wipe it up and not let it soak into the carpet and pad like the urine did. You may need to do this 2 or 3 time. Just reminder that the urine treatment product needs to go where the urine went for it to work properly. After you clean the spots, you should shampoo the carpet using this product on the front and back of rug.

      For really bad urine smell

      First thing you need to know is that urine is classified as carpet damage. 90 % of the urine sits in the under pad and that is the hardest to remove. This is the reason you smell it when you wet it. In most cases if you can smell it it’s pass the point of treating from the surface. To clean it properly it is a fairly big job

      Things you will need: carpet-cleaning machine.
      Chemical for removing urine I recommend (Nature's Miracle is a liquid containing enzymes that feed on the organisms that give urine its odours.), which you can buy at a pet store. (Some people have use vinegar (one part vinegar to five parts water)

      New under pad for the carpet

      1/ lift the carpet where you think the urine is. You can tell from the bottom side of the carpet by the watermarks. You will need to extract the backside of the carpet with the urine remove treatment product.
      2/ cut out the entire infected under pad and wash the floor with the urine treatment.
      3/replace the under pad with the new stuff
      4/ as you are laying the carpet back down treat the top of the carpet with the urine treatment.
      5/ When the carpet is all back you will need to clean the all of the carpet with the urine treatment product. Just reminder that the urine treatment product needs to go where the urine went for it to work properly.
      In my experience, Nature's Miracle is your best bet. Good luck!

      Carpet cleaner for 14 years

    what is the best way to get pet urine odor out of carpets?
    I am about to steam clean my carpets but I would like to pretreat the areas that my puppy has soiled. Any suggestions? The smell usually comes back after a few days.

    • ANSWER:
      You can buy a product called Microban. You pretty much need to buy it online, as they generally dont sell it straight to consumers. But its the exact product that most professional carpet cleaners use for pet smells, not only does it eliminate the odor, but it keeps it from coming back for a while (like if the pet goes there again). Carpet cleaners charge an arm and a leg for it, but you can get it a whole lot cheaper on eBay :)

    How can I remove the smell of dog pee from my carpet?
    Help! I just steam cleaned my carpet and went over it like 6 times with a rug doctor and TKO (a powerful organic cleaner made from oranges). I can smell the TKO but underneath the pleasant orange smell I can still smell pee! YUK! My puppy is totally potty trained now and I am tired of the reaky carpet odors. If you've got any intelligent advice, please reply.

    • ANSWER:
      Good luck. Our cat decided to turn our matress into a litter box when we moved in to our new house. We used some stuff we got at a pet store that claimed to remove urine odors. It got it faint enough that we were able to cover it and not smell it. Nature's Miracle is supposed to work really well. But beware that it can sometimes take weeks before it really completely takes hold.

      Regular cleaners and deodorizers don't break down the urine. Sprays made specifically for it get in and break down the urine itself so the smell (in theory) disappears.

    How do I get rid of pet urine smell in my carpet?
    I have spot & steam cleaned my carpet SEVERAL times and I can't seem to get rid of the smell. I've used a deodorizer carpet shampoo and it didn't help. NOw I'm pregnant and the smell is driving me crazy, I don't even want to sit in my family room.

    • ANSWER:
      My husband owns his own carpet cleaning business. He said that once you steam clean it and the smell has not been removed you kinda of locked the smell into the carpet. The only thing you could do it replace the padding/carpet. You could always try dumping a little vinegar over it and maybe it will help neutralize the smell.

    Question about carpet cleaning and deoderizing?
    We just steamed cleaned our carpeting (with a rented steam cleaner) and while we are waiting for it to dry - it really has a bad odor all throught the house!!!! We have been doing this yearly for the past 15 years and have never had this problem....Any suggestions or thoughts about what happened? Or advise on a product I can buy that will neutralize the odor in the carpet?

    • ANSWER:
      Residue from past years of cleaning. Did you get a pet?
      Get that cleaner again, but really clean IT first. Then, put one cup white vinegar in clear water. Use this on the carpet. It will take smell out of almost anything.

    what are some good carpet steam cleaners for pet stains and stuff like that?
    Also We'd like a steam cleaner that makes the carpet look like its professinally cleaned
    Does the little green pro heat just clean up a certain spot or is it meant to clean the entire carpet?

    • ANSWER:
      i had the best success with small Bissell Little Green Pro Heat, and the fill sized Bissell Pro Heat. I have 10 dogs in my house right now, 6 of them small puppies, so a good steam cleaner is a life saver.
      ADD: it is smaller, for spot cleaning. It's nice to have when i just have one spot, or one corner that needs cleaning, and i don't want to break out the whole cleaner.
      Both have hose attachments, so you could get the big cleaner, and use the hose to spot clean. However, the big cleaner is almost 0, while the little green is maybe 85 or 90 at walmart. It's worth every penny though.

    Does vinegar really work to get pet urine smell out of the carpet when you steam clean it?
    I have used so many products for pet oder and urine smell for steam cleaning and nothing has worked. What can i do? The caret is not that old and we just got the a puppy 2 months ago.

    • ANSWER:
      It may have soaked down into the padding.... if so there isn't much you can do other than to use a horse needle sryinge to shoot enzyme down into the padding.

      I would call professional and let them neutralize the ordor. Then go to janitorial supply place (or on line) and pick up an odor bomb for around 10 (give or take a few bucks).

      Set it off like flea bomb. It will kill stuff on surface that you haven't seen.

      hope it works for you

    What is the best carpet cleaning solution to use in a steam cleaner to remove tough stains?
    I have some wine stains, pet stains and want to know the best cleaner to use in my steam cleaner to remove these stains. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      In my experience, Rug Doctor cleaning products are the most effective and economical, especially if you can purchase them from a warehouse store in larger sized containers. While you're there, pick up a box of Oxy Clean crystals. If you have pet or other organic stains, pick up a bottle of Nature's Miracle - and enzymatic stain remover from a pet store.

      Step one - Pretreat stains with Natures Miracle. You want to saturate the stain well, and work the area with a scrub brush or rag to work the solution into the carpet fiber.

      Step two - Pretreat the entire area to be cleaned with a broadcast spray of Oxy-Clean solution, and work this in with either a scrub brush or by "kicking" it in with your feet. Basically, scuff your feet around the area well to work the Oxy-Clean solution into the carpet fibers.

      Step three - Using the same Oxy-Clean solution described above, mix up the carpet cleaning solution as per the label, but mix it to the light side, meaning use a bit less than the recommended amount. If a range of product quantity is suggested, say 1/2 cup to 1 cup, use the lesser amount because the Oxy-Clean will be making up for it.

      Step four - Following the cleaning equipment instructions, apply the solution, work it into the carpet, and extract it. Follow this immediately with a rinse cycle. The proper method is one cleaning stroke and several dry strokes to pick up the spent solution. Change to straight, clear hot tap water and make at least two rinse strokes over the area. Allow this to dry thoroughly before continuing with further rinses. Additional rinses will be indicated by the color of the extraction liquid and whether or not it's still pulling up excess soap/foam.

      The big thing is that you don't want to over saturate the carpet, which will get the pad below wet. Wet pad can cause odors, mildew, and mold to occur. You can speed the drying process by running fans for increased air circulation over the floor.

    What is the best carpet shampoo for steam cleaning?
    I would be renting a steam cleaner from Home Depot, and I'd love to see what people have experienced as the best shampoo for the task (homemade recipe, brand name [and cost, if applicable], et cetera). I have minor pet stains as well as some lingering odour from it, so any recommendations for a rather strong shampoo for steam cleaners would be greatly appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      I have 2 cats & 2 dogs. Naturally there have been accidents - urine, vomit, a kidney infection. Here's my story. So through all of the pet encounters, I was trying all the different products to clean up the messes. There are several specialty products for pets. DO NOT BUY THESE. None of them worked. And if you go the Oxy Clean route beware - I have heard horror stories about Oxy Clean destroying carpet. They were all over priced, and never really cleaned the mess. They would either saturate the stains or mask the smell for a few days. Even the ones that were designed for steamers. As far as steaming, here is the problem. With a steamer, you are pushing water and whatever chemical you are using down into the carpet. If the chemical is soapy, you are not breaking the stain apart. Instead you are just saturating it in the carpet. Believe me, I used everything you can think of.

      I now use one thing and one thing only to clean up after the pets. Genesis 950 is an all purpose cleaner that actually breaks the bond of stains. It is designed to work with water to actually get in the stain. Once it does this, it fully breaks it apart and the steamer sucks up all of the stain. If you are not breaking the bond like 950 does, you do not get rid of the stain and the urine smell will return. Look at any other questions posted on here about pet urine stains. they all say they cleaned and scrubbed but the smell is still there. It's cause other products don't break the stain apart. When the stains are fresh, I use a little bit of it in a bucket of warm water and sponge out the stain. Twice a year, I do use about a cup in a steam cleaner I rent. The nice thing about this cleaner is it will remove the stain no matter how old it is.

      Another plus to the product is it is environmentally friendly and non toxic. It won't make your pets sick. In fact one of my cats loves rolling around in it after I clean with it. Granted I don't encourage that, but she doesn't listen.

      I found 950 at a garage and bought it to remove paint that was stained in my carpets. Since then I have used it for nearly every cleaning dilemma I have had. If you can not find any near you, it is worth buying on line at

    What can I use to get the smell of cat urine out of carpet?
    I have steam cleaned the rug with a pet odor carpet shampoo...and have used oxy clean on it. Also tried that Urine out stuff you aee on TV....yet there is still a distinct smell of cat urine in that bathroom.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there...consider using Nature's Miracle (available worldwide at any pet store). It's an enzymatic neutralizer which lifts the urine odours by thoroughly soaking the affected area to let air dry. Repeated applications may be necessary depending on how heavily soiled the seat is.

      Here's a photo to help you recognize the product on the store shelves:

    Where can I rent a steam cleaner ?
    I want to get the pet stains out of my carpet, so I'm planning to rent a steam cleaner . How do I find out where I can rent a steam cleaner ?

    • ANSWER:
      Many grocery stores have "Rug Doctor" or some other brand of steam cleaners for rent. Just ask a store employee if they have them for rent. I have rented steam cleaners many times and I have also hired professional steam cleaners. Some of the best money I ever spent was when I bought a Bissel steam cleaner at Walmart. It cost a little over 200 dollars, but It paid for itself after the first use. Since then it has paid for itself many times over.

    How can i make the smell go away?
    My grandparents had the door to my room closed for a whole year before we moved in. Now its really stuffy and it smells like mold! plus it doesnt help all 3 of our dogs peed in here! and had the need to take a dump!

    is there anyway to make the smell go away?????

    also i saw a steam cleaner that says it can get rid of mold in carpets......can you steam clean shag carpet? Its furry, but when you walk on it, ya can just feel that it either needs to be cleaned really bad or burned!
    but we cant rip it up! i love my carpet!

    • ANSWER:
      This shag carpet have under pad? if so you need to remove your carpet and rip out the under pad where stained and piece in new under pad. This is where the odour will stay even if you clean your carpet so replace where damaged. While you have the carpet up clean and disinfect the flooring before you piece in the new under pad. I've seen pet urine burn the finish off of hardwood flooring once we lifted the under pad so clean the floor where stained. Once carpet is re-layed your shag should be shampooed with a carpet shampoo machine then steam cleaned. Steam cleaners don't work that well on shags because of the length of the pile so both processes are necessary for a thorough cleaning. A shampooer is a machine like a floor buffer you see janitors use to maintain flooring but it has a bucket for shampoo on it and you use a pad or brush attachment for the carpet (old way of cleaning carpets, but still effective). also clean the back of your carpet where you see the stains before you relay it. I would call a company that has a "truck mounted" steam system and a shampooer to do the carpet cleaning once the carpet is relayed, it shouldn't cost to much for one room or have them pick up the carpet when removed to clean both sides in there plant. Check the yellow pages. It sounds like a lot but this will rid of the odour and save your carpet.

    What cleaning solution should I use on my carpet?
    A friend is loaning me her carpet steam cleaner. She says it does a nice job in her house on her carpets.

    I do not have visible stains on my carpet. The main problem is pet urine odor.

    What solution should I use with this machine for that type of problem? My friend goes to the grocery store and gets Rug Doctor products to use with her machine. But I never see a Rug Doctor solution that is to be used to get rid of urine odor.

    I see that Rug doctor has Urine Eliminator but this is to be applied to individual stains. I want something for urine that you use with the machine on the whole carpet.

    • ANSWER:
      Try a carpet cleaner and add white vinegar. The white vinegar kills the odour. I clean my carpets all the time with a pulmans carpet cleaner (I have a wet vac) to which I add a liberal dose of white vinegar - and Ive got 2 dogs who are allowed in the house (they had some accidents as puppies).

    How do you get pet odor out of your carpet?
    Any suggestions? My boyfriend and I got a puppy, and now that he's house trained, I have to get this light "scent" out of the carpet before it drives me nuts!

    BTW, I've used Brawn stain remover every time the little one had an "accident", along with steam cleaning the carpets once already. His smell still lingers, however. Eh, gross.
    I've tried Febreeze, along with carpet-fresh products, powder's and such ... and sure, they smell nice for a few hours, but the next morning, there's that scent again! (Driving me nuts!)

    I have yet to try a specific one for pet odor, however.

    • ANSWER:
      can ya'll say PETZYME????

    What is the best cleaner for getting out pet stains? I tryed everything and the old stains keep coming back?
    I have pet stains on my carpet that I have used a steam cleaner on several times. After about 2 weeks the stains seem to reappear. Please help. They look and smell horrible!!

    • ANSWER:
      Nature's Miracle, or Simple Solution may work, but I have a hunch the urine is in the padding and/or floor. If it's only the padding and carpet, remove them and replace. If it's in the floor it has to be sealed before you put down new carpet and pad.

    What is an inexpensive way to clean pet stains?
    We recently received a new puppy and we have discovered a few spots on the carpets. I hate to rent a steam cleaner for two or three spots. i have tried to scrub the carpet and clean it but it is still dark?

    • ANSWER:
      Resolve Carpet Cleaner! With three boys, my carpet has been through a lot...including little boy spots when they were toilet training...and Resolve has never let me down!

    What is a home remedy and cheap enough to clean my carpets of pet smell?
    I have a dog that is home during the day in the house and i need something that will make my house smell new again. I know i can rent a steam cleaner but i need something fast and easy and not to expensive that will work wonders.

    • ANSWER:
      If it's urine smell, you'll need a cleaner with enzymes to break up the proteins in the urine. I haven't heard of any home remedies that work for pet urine. I recommend Nature's Miracle. It can be found at a pet store. It has a white bottle, red lettering. It's safe for use with kids and pets around and can even be used in laundry.

    How can I get my new apartment to smell better?
    How can I get smoke and pet odor out of my new apartment? I've steam cleaned all of the carpets, used carpet deodorizer and scrubbed down all of the walls, but you can still smell the odor that was there. I want to get rid of the odor, not just mask it with candles and air fresheners. Please share any tips and tricks you might have!

    • ANSWER:
      At the paint store they sell a chemical you can try first to use on the walls by washing them first. If that doesn't work, Paint. Next the carpet. You need a neutralizer that a carpet cleaning supply carries, or try the pet store. I've heard you can also try baking soda, club soda too. The only problem is that you need to re -clean the carpets adding the nuetralizer in the solution. If it's really bothersome then ask for replacement carpet. Hope this helps. Good luck!

    Best solution to remove urine pet stains?
    I am going to steam clean my carpet and know that sometimes the store bought solutions aren't always the best. Anyone have any suggestions? The biggest issue is the smell, I have scrubbed the stain away.
    She no longer has was while she was getting housebroken that was the issue!! Getting rid of the dog...not an option but thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      You can use baking soda over the area, let it sit for an hour and vacuum up. there are also specific powders for this.

      If you can get the liquid product Gonzo pet and stain remover and get it on the stains that show, or after they happen, you will be very pleased with the results. Here is an example that is selling on ebay right now.

    How often can I steam clean berber carpet?
    We have a puppy who just won't stop peeing on our carpet. The smell is killing me. Please help. (Any other tips for getting this smell out are also welcome). Thanks! (We have steam cleaned twice in the past couple months, but don't want to do it too much if it hurts the carpet).

    • ANSWER:
      Frequent steam cleaning is not good for any carpet. The best type of product for carpets is dry powder. Capture and Resolve are just two that come to mind. You should also be able to find products specially made for pet urine.

      Try to get your puppy housebroken. Take him/her out frequently. If you're not home during the day, you'll have to keep him/her crated or in a room without carpet (if you have one).

    What is the best way to clean carpets without hiring a professional?
    My carpet is not hideous, but it has looked better. There is one juice stain from the kids (which is hidden by a rug right now) and it's overall a little dirtied up. I tried some cleaners for the bad spots, but they really didn't do anything other then lighten the carpet a little - which also made a visible spot from where I didn't clean. I am thinking I will need to steam clean just so it doesn't look patchy. Any thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      Your house sounds a lot like mine. I have found that the best way to keep the carpets clean is with Genesis 950. The first reason I say this is because you have said you tried other cleaners that did not really work. Genesis 950 will work. It is completely different then other cleaners. It works with water to break down the stains by absorbing into them and then weakening them. Once they have been treated with Genesis 950 they will break apart and lift from the carpet.

      On top of that, it also deodorizes and kills any germs and bacteria so that it is doing more then just cleaning. If you have pets this is really helpful as you know your carpets are more then just visually clean. It is also a "green" cleaner, so it is safe without any hash chemicals or toxins.

      If you do decide to steam clean, definitely use the 950 in a cleaner. It makes your carpets look like new. I have had professional cleaners come in. I feel like they are just getting the carpet and wet, and not really doing anything. The 950 really cleans - a deep down amazing clean.

      It's cheap too - super cheap. You can get a quart for .50. It's a concentrate, so when you actually dilute it the proper way you end up getting 9 quarts in one bottle - which breaks down to you really spending like .61 per quart.

      Best cleaning product out there and it is the beat way to clean carpets without hiring a professional.

    What do I do first? Have the carpets steam cleaned, or spray with flea exterminating solution?
    My cat has fleas. Have treated him three times! Has not worked yet. Need the carpets treated. Purchasing solution at Home Depot, and also having rugs steamed cleaned. But which process do I do first, and should I treat my cat again?

    • ANSWER:
      Treat the carpets (and the cat) first.
      You will have to completely blitz your home by using a household flea spray and closing the door to each room for about three hours. After that time go back into the room open windows and doors and vacuum the whole place and change bedding (also vacuum the bed). Repeat this with every room in the house.
      When you have pets you will have to treat them too, every month at first, then regularly every three months because the fleas that you are having problems with now will have laid eggs and those eggs will start hatching in about 6-8 weeks.

    What is good to use on pet stains on the carpet and for odor?
    I have a dog and a cat. The dog has had a couple of accidents in the floor and I have steamed cleaned the carpets, but I would like to use something to help to get some of the smell out of the carpet. Anyone know anything that I can use that will help? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Natures Miracle. You can get it at Petsmart and Petco ect. I have 4 pets and keep a gallon jug on hand at all times! Nothing works better on pet stains and smells...

    How do you get the smell of cat urine out of my carpet?
    I have a steam cleaner and tried that with store cleaners made for pets, tried the 50/50 water viniger mixture with baking soda and peroxide, febreeze, and carpet deoderizers and with all of them the smell goes away for a day or two and then comes back.

    • ANSWER:
      You can get rid of the smell of cat urine Lemon Scented Pine Sol. I have no idea why it works. I just know that it does.

      I had a problem with cat urine smells when I babysat my father's cat. I tried Vinegar, Baking Soda, Pet Urine Enzymes, and Febreze. None of these worked for me. What finally eliminated stench of cat pee was Lemon Scented Pine Sol. Nothing else even dented that smell.

      Pour undiluted Lemon Scented Pine Sol into a spritzer bottle and spray the floors with this. Allow to dry. Repeat if necessary.

      Small warning: the scent of the Lemon Pine Sol will be absolutely overwhelming for a while! It actually made me woozy. But the smell dissipates. And once it does the urine smell will be gone -- not covered up, but gone. And it will not return.

      Make sure you use the Lemon Scented Pine Sol, not the regular scent.


    As a landlord, do I have to replace pet stained carpet before my next tenant moves in?
    I'm in California and am wondering what the protocol is for getting a property ready for another renter when the previous renter had a large inside dog. There are a few pet stains on the carpet which could probably be steam cleaned. However, I've heard that when you do that, you run the chance of bringing the stain to the surface and locking the odor into the carpet and padding. Therefore I'm curious if replacing the carpet is required or at least recommended. If so, should I only replace the obviously affected areas or should I replace it all?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't be a slumlord. If I rented an apartment and the landlord had piss stains in the carpet for me to move in with I'd punch you in the fucking mouth. Not to mention, I'd probably cut out a few holes in your drywall and pack rotten meat in there. Then spackle it back shut and paint. A month into your new tenants lease the smell would start to ooze out of the walls. You would have maggots and all kinds of bugs as well. Once you finally spent a ton of money treating bug infestations and trying to rid the stink, you might find out that everything will now need replaced as the apartment would be totally inhabitable. Thanks for the piss stains, slumlord.

    Cat allergies, buying a home from pet owner, trying to clean the carpets?
    Does anybody have any recommendations on the best way to clean carpets that have been affected by cats? My fiancee is allergic to cats and we are buying a home from a cat owner. We want to have the place professionally cleaned but don't know the best cleaning service to get for this matter. Any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:
      If the carpet smells and may have a flea infestation.... Get a BIG bag of baking soda and a big box of iodized salt from the wholesale store... Cost about for a 12 lb. bag of soda and for the salt... Mix in a gal. ZIPLOC bag and sprinkle liberally over the carpets...Leave overnight or acouple of days...

      The BS deodorized the carpet and the salt pulls up dirt/debris so the carpet will be brighter...

      If you have a bagless vacuum you may have to clean or replace your paper filter after this procedure.... If you have a bag vacuum be sure to have extra bags!

      The BS/SALT will also smother fleas,larve and dissolve the eggs of the flea if there are any......

      You can rent a steam cleaner for about a day at most food/drug stores... A RUG DOCTOR is very good and easy to use... OR you can spend around 0 or MORE for a professional company like STANLEY STEAMER to come and clean the whole house... I would inquire with your new neighbors and see who they suggest.. OR if there are coupons in the community circular.

      You may also want to think about having a cleaning service (MOLLY MAID) come in and deep clean EVERYTHING like the walls, trim, baseboards etc... OR you could spend the day a bucket of water some some mild cleaner to do it yourself.. I highly recommend getting a wet/dry shopvac- they are super handy for DEEP CLEANING I use mine about 2-3x a week.. It has all the attachments and cost about 0! GREAT for spot removal on carpets/furniture.

      *If he's severly allergic you may want to seek someone that does duct and ac cleaning to get dust/debris and hair out of the heating cooling duct and replace your AC/Furnace filter once a month....

      Good luck

    Need my carpets professionally cleaned is steam cleaning or the quick-dry foam cleaning better?
    I need my carpets professionally cleaned is steam cleaning or the dries in an hour foam cleaning better (why?) Which makes them cleaner?
    Thanks in advance!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Steam cleaning is the only method recommended by 99% of Carpet Mills

      Most steam cleaning professionals do not leave any residue in the carpet. (make sure they are using a fiber rinse to confirm they are residue free)

      Most dry cleaning methods do leave significant soap residues in the carpet causing rapid re-soiling. (none of the detergents, soaps & surfactants are rinsed and removed from the carpet when dry cleaning method is used.)

      Truck-Mounted units always should be used. They are a ton more powerful than portable equipment and will remove more soil and dry faster. Make sure you confirm they are "Truck-Mounted"

      Hint: Look for a steam cleaning company that dries in less than 8 hours and they will have very effective Truck Mounted cleaning equipment.

      PET ODOR: Both dry and steam cleaning WILL NOT remove pet odor. Urine have salts that will not break down from water or carpet cleaning agents alone.

      A blacklight and an enzyme such as Urine Off should be used prior to cleaning. At least 3 days before. Read directions at:


    How to clean heavily soiled carpet from pets...?
    I have a beautiful 4 bedroom 2 bath house with 1930 square feet, pool, ect. I do pet rescuing, have multiple pets of my own, and babysit peoples pets. I have carpet that has quite a few stains, and is soiled. I got it professionally steam cleaned about a few months ago. I was using the wrong products on my carpet that was very sudsy and the cleaner guy told me that there was nothing to thoroughly get the suds out, unless tear everything out.

    I'm saving up money to get Vinyl plank flooring. However I don't have that money right now ( ,000 + ) and I need to do with what I have....I used to be able to have my friends and family come over and enjoy spending time with them. Now I rarely have anyone over because I'm quite embarrassed about the odor and stains. I've been told a handful of times that there's urine odor, "pet odor", ect. It's embarrassing and I already know this. I guess once you live with so many pets you get immune to the smell.

    I bought a Bissel steam cleaner and try to steam the rugs every other month but nothing helps. Once the carpet dries also, you can strongly smell the urine until it dissipates after about 2 weeks, I have all the windows open to air everything out and you can't notice it. But when the windows/screen door is can definitely tell the smell.

    Any tips would be great thanks
    WOW I am appalled by some of the responses!!!! First of all, the house is certainly LIVABLE. It is NOT to the point where the house is unlivable and that someone would have to wear a mask in here. Also, my pets are FAMILY, and I will NOT keep them "outside" or in the "garage". I have a heart and I'm not cruel to animals. I don't know how anyone could live without a pet. People that hate animals, are the most miserable people out there and that's why I do not associate myself with people like you.

    Thanks to the kind answers from the people who HAVE pets themselves and actually understand the situation.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a trick which I have found to almost always be effective: To kill pet urine smells for good, thoroughly soak the urine spot with a 1:1 combination of plain white vinegar and club soda water. If the spot is on a carpet, cover the vinegar solution with layers of newspapers or paper towels, and place something heavy on top of the papers, such as a stack of books. Be sure to protect your books from the moisture with a plastic bag. (If the pee is on an upright spot, such as a wall, from the cat spraying, then you can use a spray bottle to spray the vinegar on the area.) Leave everything on there and let the vinegar dry on the spot. The acid pH of the vinegar will counterbalance the alkaline pH of the urine, thus neutralizing the pet odors, and it *should* prevent pets from peeing there again. Vinegar stinks a bit, but it's not as bad as pet pee smell! This really works good, I have used this trick for years. They also sell special cleaners for this in pet stores, the most common one is called Nature's Miracle. I have never tried it because it's expensive, whereas the vinegar trick works great for me, and you can buy a gallon of vinegar for not much money at all.

      Good luck, I hope this helps =^.^=

    How can I remove smell from this old carpet?
    Just moved into a house and family room has an old carpet. The carpet looks OK, no stains, but it has a very bad smell. It doesn't smell like pet urine but smells like old shoes. Is that something that can be cleaned? We're thinking of professional steam cleaning but not sure if that would actually get the smell off.

    • ANSWER:
      Steam cleaning sounds like a good idea! You can rent a machine and do it yourself, but you have to move the furniture yourself as well. It is more expensive to hire a company to do it, but it is worth the money. They move the furniture for you, they do the work, and they will do a more professional job which could extend the life of the carpet a few more years. However, you ought to consider hiring a mold investigator to make sure it isn't mold that is making your carpet stink. If it is mold, then replacement is your only safe option. Mold carpet can make you sick. The cost of hiring a mold investigator is minimal compared to medical bills if the suspect is mold.

      Good luck!

    Does the Resolve deep clean powder really work?
    I have tried everything to get my living room carpet cleaned. I used the rug doctor, my own steam cleaner, etc... and my carpet still smells funny. A mix between a dog and cat that lay on the floor as well as children who run through the house with their shoes on or bare feet my carpet cannot get a break. Not to mention that after I steam clean I cannot let it dry without feet running back and forth. I need something that'll clean and dry fast and really works.

    • ANSWER:
      Consumer-level carpet-cleaning tools are okay to use when the clean-up is not that serious to begin-with, but the lifestyle of the people using the carpet would have to be changed if you want a permanent solution; even a short-term solution doesn't exist if you aren't ready to completely change the flooring - type especially.

      Below your carpet is a pad (called: 'padding'). Regardless of the thickness of your padding, when traffic runs back and forth with dirt under foot-soles, dirt will effectively rub-off as it would on a 'Welcome' floor-mat at a front door entrance, the dirt will fall between the fibers, through the carpet, onto the pad, the pad will ultimately break with repeated foot traffic and easier as it gets wet [like paper] and the soil will become muddy and your carpet will take on new life forms like mold and fungus, which you will breathe-in every time you impact the floor surface with your feet, hands, body or objects. The dead skin cells you and your pets shed, plus the dander in their hair and of course foreign elements introduced from outside your residence will all be found below your carpet when you peel it from the tack strips holding them into place. This experience may feel like a canoe-row through a lake of fire, but once your new flooring is in and you've changed your lifestyle habits or if you didn't change your lifestyle habits maybe you did change from soft, carpet flooring to less porous laminate or tile flooring - you will feel the goodness and satisfaction of living in a more sanitary, cleaner-smelling home.

      Managing rental properties with tenants who haven't owned vacuum cleaners caused me to learn what works and doesn't work with regard to cleaning and shampooing carpets, removing odors, etc. If the job is small and you're going to solve your problem with a Bissell; the manufacturer voids any warranties, etc. for doing this, but you can completely dissolve a small, measured quantity of Oxi-Clean in very hot water before pouring it into your Bissell and depending on whether peroxide will destroy your carpet or not - if not, spray spots that need the heavy-duty enzymatic treatment that peroxide provides and let the peroxide work for at least 5 minutes before passing through with your Bissell. I do not recommend using carpet deodorizers like powders directly on the carpet because granules will definitely be left behind and that just add to the mud build-up and crusty, crispiness of your carpet. Know that your Bissell temperature increases by as many as ten degrees if you have one that has a heater as a feature, but you would be lucky if the water reached sixty degrees.

      With regard to hiring professionals; the cheaper companies may use a water heaters allowing the temperature to reach up to eighty degrees; not enough to disinfect and that company might advertise itself as a carpet shampooing company instead of as a carpet steam cleaning company. Verify that your carpet steam cleaning contractor is licensed and bonded through your local contractor's board and that the temperature of the water they will be using on your carpet will reach up to about two hundred (200) degrees because this will disinfect and sterilize any bacteria that you may be harboring beneath your carpet flooring. The company I used in Las Vegas, NV was named 'Aim To Please' carpet cleaning & upholstery (702-248-6174) who used a ,000 Nissan engine-powered vacuum tank to suck an infestation of German cockroaches embedded into a rental property's carpet fibers and I confess that Brandon's machine extracted a cake of roach carcasses worth praising him for.

    Will steam cleaning my carpet get the smell of dog pee out?
    My dog Jake was in his crate and I guess he just couldn't wait to use the bathroom and he lifted his leg and peed all over the carpet next to his crate. Its so bad it smells up the whole room and the whole house....will steam cleaning the carpet where the pee is get the smell out? what can i do? Its smelling up my whole house!!!

    • ANSWER:
      There is a phenomenal product in the pet aisle at any store such as Wal-Mart called Woolite Pet Stain and Odor wonders.

    How can I get rid of the fleas in my apartment?
    I don't have any animals, I think they are coming from my neighbors apartment. (she has a dog) I've had them for about three months now and they won't go away. I've tried Raid flea fogger and steam cleaning my carpets but neither worked. What do I do?

    • ANSWER:
      here is a easy / cheap way to do it. it will take a while ... and if mixed with flour and water to make a ball it works on cockroaches too.
      I give this to people who have pets... tell your neighbor about it and one box will work for both apt's.


      I have a NATURAL remedy for getting rid of fleas in your house.

      Go to the Store and buy some 20 Mule Team BORAX. (you find it in the soap isle if you can’t find it ask the manager to order some for you)
      Then sprinkle it all over. Carpets, couch, bedding, pillows, PET BED’s, car, even wood floors.
      I walk around on the floor so it gets down into the fibers. Rub your hand over the couch, etc.
      (NOT ON YOUR PET!)


      What Boax does is coats the eggs ... The eggs hatch deformed or unable to reproduce.
      You will have to do this 2 or 3x about a week apart in order to get all the egg cycles.

      Since I did this I no longer have fleas in the house. Since you vacuume it up it is not a danger to pets or children.

      FOR YOUR PET. Use the topical flea killer that is on the market or wash with Dawn dish washing soap (make sure to rinse all soap out) and use a flea comb (this is also a head lice comb) especially for kittens or puppies who are too young to have insecticide put on them.
      Kill the fleas that you find on the comb with soap or alcohol

    How do I get pet stains/odor out of my carpet?
    Ok, the puppy is finally trained, but the smell and sight of her accidents remain. I've cleaned the carpets with a steam cleaner, I've spot cleaned with ammonia, baking soda and tons of pet cleaners. I thought I'd pick your brain before I called the professionals or ripped up the carpet.

    • ANSWER:
      The thing to try for the stains would be water and vinegar but, some pet stains cannot be removed because the acids in the animals stomach can actually bleach out or permanently change the color of the carpet. I would not recommend Oxi-clean because it oxidizes turning to hydrogen peroxide (which is a bleach) and can discolor some carpets. Nor do you want to use soapy spot removers which will dry sticky and re attract dirt.

      For the odor you want to try an anti microbial deodorizer and try to keep the carpet wet with it for at least 24 hours. Anti microbial deos are a natural enzyme that dissolve the odor causing bacterias food source essentially killing it

      To be honest you may not be able to remove the odor. If the puppy has gone repeatedly in the same place the urine may have soaked into the the padding and sub flooring. If this has happened the only thing you can do is remove the carpet and padding and use a anti-microbial deodorizer on the sub flooring, keeping it wet with the deodorizer for at least 24 hours. If the odor remains after that you need to seal the the sub flooring with primer before re-carpeting.

best steam cleaner for carpets and pets

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